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More Tiny True Tales of Transformation: Journey into the Paranormal

In our first installment of true client transformation stories, you got a peek at, as I said then, some “different kinds of real.” I hope you are ready to go further in this time! Reach for your trusty metaphysical machete and join me as we hack our way into the jungles of deep woo-woo known as The Paranormal…

A Lost Soul Rescued

Todd just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with his energy lately. He was smart, in a good job, and comfortable with his well-developed psychic abilities. But recently he was aware of some sort of “off” energy around him that felt like a presence watching his every move. He couldn’t get a clear sense of what it was, and it made him uneasy. What finally prompted him to pay me a visit was the fact that he started having frightening dreams of a man at his window who was yelling at him and threatening to force his way inside.

In our session, I asked Todd some questions about when he’d first noticed this energy or presence, and learned that he had lived for a time near the site of a Revolutionary War battlefield. This gave me an idea of what had happened to Todd, so I psychically scanned him and detected an attached entity–an earthbound human soul, or ghost. It appeared to be a young man, a few years younger than Todd. I called in my spirit allies who assist with clearing these beings, and they gently detached him from Todd’s energy fields and contained him in a sphere of Divine energy. Then I was able to safely talk with him and learn a bit of his story.

He was, as I suspected, a soldier who was killed on the battlefield Todd mentioned. He had attached himself to Todd because they were of a similar age, and he had also sensed Todd’s psychic abilities and was trying to communicate. Since he hadn’t been getting through when Todd was awake, he started entering Todd’s dreams and had been shouting in frustration rather than menace! The soldier had been engaged to a young lady before going off to war, and his sudden death had shattered his cherished hopes for love and a happy life. His fiancee had married another, and the soldier’s soul had simply drifted back to the battlefield, forlorn and depressed, unable to move on. He was tired of being stuck on Earth, but needed help and guidance to go on into the Planes of Light for healing.

I called in escorting angels and opened a doorway for the young soldier to see not only his former fiancee, but others of his family waiting to welcome him with open arms. I had a vision of the young man straightening his cap and saluting Todd and me in gratitude for his release, then turning to march off into the doorway with the angels at his side. It was a very moving image, and I was deeply touched to have had the privilege of freeing not only Todd, but this young “unknown soldier” to move forward on their different journeys.

Todd has continued to work with me in creating energetic safety protocols to avoid further attachments and to protect his home from unwanted entities as well. I admire his dedication to developing his psychic abilities and staying safe in the process!

A Mysterious (ET) Device Removed

Image Credit: www. astro-canada.ca

Image Credit: www. astro-canada.ca

David arrived 30 minutes late for his appointment, apologizing profusely. This was my first clue that something was wrong, because David had seen me before and he was always punctual. He actually had a gift for being in the right place at just the right time, but that was clearly out of whack at this point!

And that wasn’t the only problem. While David was frustrated at the issues he had been experiencing with timing (in the last week he had mistakenly shown up at stores just at their closing time not just once but three times, plus running late for work and public transportation), he was far more concerned that he had basically stopped dreaming. Normally his dreams were vivid and served as sources of spiritual insight, but lately he was barely dreaming at all, and the dreams were muddy and vague. And David was truly alarmed that he also had lost his lifelong ability to visualize, as this was his major tool for manifestation.

All of these issues had shown up at about the same time, a couple of weeks prior to our appointment. I had a sense that they all stemmed from a single source, but what could it be?

I asked for clarity on the cause of David’s symptoms, and got the message that there was an energetic device in David’s energy fields that had recently been implanted by a group of extraterrestrials for observation purposes. I asked to meet with the ETs responsible, and found out that they had no harmful intent; they were just monitoring David because of his own soul’s ET origins (Pleiadian) and his ongoing interest in communicating with ETs. I had my spirit allies scan the beings to verify their truthfulness and their own origins; they were Sirians (a group I knew and was friendly with). They apologized for the “destructive interference” their device had caused, and agreed to immediately deactivate, dismantle and remove it.

Within seconds, David’s visualizing capability was restored, to his great relief. An engineer himself, David was both pragmatic and good-humored about the energetic device’s “glitches,” and even invited a re-installation once the bugs were worked out!  We both thanked the ETs for their prompt and caring assistance.

The session ended with David being able to visualize with the same clarity he had always enjoyed. After some pleasant conversation afterwards, he looked at his watch and the train schedule and saw that he had just the right amount of time to catch the train he intended. So he was “back in the timestream again,” with his gift for synchronicity also restored.  And his dreams that night brightened up to their normal Technicolor setting as well. David was de-glitched!

So there you have it: four journeys into “other kinds of real,” four transformations in THIS kind of real! Stay tuned for further Tales….


Tiny True Tales of Transformation, Part One

Photo credit: commons-wikimedia-org.jpg

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

As promised in my previous post, I’m going to tell you a few of the remarkable experiences I’ve shared with my clients in sessions over the past two years–experiences that took us to “undiscovered countries” in realms beyond the ordinary. So get comfortable (perhaps with your beverage of choice) and prepare to enjoy this first installment of “Tiny Tales of Transformation”–short and juicy, and totally true….

Oh, just a couple of notes before we begin:

1. Identifying details for clients have been altered to protect privacy, but the actual events and outcomes are described exactly as they occurred.

2. These events involve dealing with aspects of life that I describe as “a different kind of real.” You’ll see what I mean. And it will help if you remind yourself to do as the Rilke quote at the end of the prior post advised: be willing to embrace the inexplicable.


A Phobia Released

Helen was a published author whose latest book was enjoying remarkable success. She was being invited to speak and teach about her work, and she was passionate about sharing her message. But she had a deep, lifelong fear that threatened to shut down her success: she was afraid of people. As a species. As if she were a different kind of being from them.

Exposure to people in groups, and especially speaking in front of them, triggered in her a sense that her very life was in danger. And though she had sought help through counseling and psychotherapy, the fear persisted and she knew it HAD to go if she were to stay on her chosen path as a visionary author and speaker.

Helen was both highly intelligent and highly spiritual, open to seeking insight and healing through energy work and metaphysical methods. When I suggested that the roots of her fear might be uncovered through inquiry into her Akashic Records, she readily agreed. And together we learned about a trauma she had experienced long ago and VERY far away.

In that lifetime, she was one of a non-human race that was advanced and peaceful, sharing a planet with humanoid beings. However, the humanoids started a war, and Helen’s people were mercilessly hunted, tortured and slaughtered in the process. She personally endured torture and death, and the trauma had created a soul imprint that echoed on into her current lifetime as a human (which she chose partly in order to find resolution to this very issue).

While this story surprised me, to Helen it rang true at a deep level. And so we entered the healing process. I guided Helen into a meditation to meet with the soul of the humanoid who had been responsible for her suffering. This being expressed deep and sincere regret for what had happened, and Helen was willing to forgive and release him from the guilt and shame he bore for his conduct. For both of them, soul wounds were healed. Next, we needed to clear the energetic tangles caused by Helen’s trauma and its replay in subsequent lifetimes, replacing them with the energy patterns of her original soul blueprint. I was guided to use sacred sound in the form of Tibetan bowls and specific tuning forks. Helen was astonished at how the patterns of sound created a profound sense of peace and reharmonizing within her. And at the end of the session, she reported that her fear was completely gone! She has never felt it again, even when she was presented with a major award for her book and had to give an acceptance speech in front of a very large crowd. She is thriving in her career, and enjoys social gatherings for the first time in her life.

Sciatica Pain Relieved

Jerry was desperate. He had injured his back doing yard work, triggering sciatica pain down his left leg that was intense and relentless. He couldn’t sit, stand, walk or sleep in comfort. He was seeing a doctor and a naprapath, but was ready to explore any and all possibilities that could offer more immediate pain relief. As a musician and a deeply spiritual man, he was open to the idea that sacred sound could have healing effects on the body, so we set up a series of three sound healing sessions with the understanding that this would complement, not replace, his other treatment plans.

I brought my Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a selection of crystals (which, I have found, tend to act as both amplifiers and filters of the fields of healing sound, conducting the most beneficial healing frequencies directly into the body). I had Jerry lie on his couch, and I placed crystals on his torso, in his hands, and on his left hip. Jerry remarked that the crystals in his hands felt warm almost immediately, warmer than his hand temperature. I had him relax, close his eyes, and simply receive the sound.

Tibetan bowls create subtle yet powerful fields of sound frequencies, individually and especially in groups. When I play them, I exercise no conscious control over which bowl to strike in what order. I simply allow the Divine to play through me, and often it does truly feel like healing PLAY–loving and joyful. As the bowls resonated throughout the room, Jerry’s body twitched a few times, and he seemed to relax more deeply.

After the bowls, I finished the healing with tuning forks. The tones of the forks brought a faint, blissful smile to Jerry’s lips. When I felt everything was complete, I guided Jerry back to a wakeful state. He opened his eyes and excitedly told me he’d had some remarkable visions, along with sensations of energy leaving his body, through the crystals and also shooting up and out of his head. Then he sat up, his eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “And now, for the first time, I am PAIN FREE!” He slept soundly that night, too.

Jerry’s body did need time to completely heal, even after that dramatic breakthrough. He continued to follow his doctor’s and naprapath’s instructions along with the sound healing treatments, and progressed with amazing rapidity. His sciatica pain was gone for good after only three weeks, abouthalf the typical recovery time. Jerry and I both acknowledge that relieving his sciatica was a team effort. But he is also quick to add that the sound healing sessions did an amazing job at accelerating his healing process.

Tune in next time for the tales of:

A Lost Soul Rescued


A Mysterious Device Removed

Plus bonus example of “Office Aikido”! Until then, remember to keep embracing the inexplicable….

Once in a Blue Moon….

blue moon

On August 20, we saw a Blue Moon rise (or a Green Corn Moon or a Full Sturgeon Moon, if you prefer one of the Native American monikers, helpfully supplied by The Huffington Post). Blue moons are unusual events, and I felt a surge of synchronicity with this one (which is happening a lot to me lately!), because I’m about to write a few pretty unusual posts….!

I’ll start with a question. Have you felt like you’ve been through some GIANT shifts and shake-ups this year? Uh-huh, me too–it’s been the most challenging AND most exciting year I’ve ever had! And we are all getting shifted and shaken because the Universe is requiring us to stop tolerating stuff and start transforming it–and ourselves. But maybe you’ve noticed when you get on board that ride of transformation, it can sometimes feel more like a runaway train, or a roller coaster without safety bars, or maybe even a sudden fall off a cliff…only just as you feel sure you are crashing, you end up somehow flying instead.

soaring woman

Can you relate? That is certainly how I have felt, stepping up to serve the world in a livelihood that I had no idea even EXISTED up until about a year ago. The work I realize I am called to do has taken me and everyone I have served on absolutely amazing journeys of transformation, many of them quite dramatic. I’d like to share some of those True Tales of Transformation with you in my next post, with these words of wisdom by Rainer Maria Rilke (slightly adapted) to prepare you:

~~Have the courage to embrace the strangest, most unusual, most inexplicable experiences.~~


Beyond Resolutions: Manifesting in a New Year

2013--New and Beautiful!

2013–New and Beautiful!

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy we actually made it to a New Year! The challenges of 2012 were intense and nearly continuous, and I think I heard a global sigh of relief as we crossed the threshold into 2013. Many of my energy-sensitive friends are expressing very positive feelings about the energies around the year 2013, and I am getting much the same sense of hope and optimism.

The beginning of a year always has seemed like a beautifully clean sheet of paper, ready for me to fill with plans, hopes and dreams–that almost never actually happened. In the past, I’ve written both resolutions (usually vague statements that I can’t perceive my progress on and then I forget them by early February) and goals (specific and measurable, but usually also quite plodding and pedestrian, so I only work on them until about March). So generally, nothing much manifested in my life from these writing processes. Sizzle and fizzle. Manifestation meltdowns. I figured I was just one of those people who dreamed and couldn’t do.

Sometimes the page just stayed like that....

Sometimes the page never got past this….

I’ve learned a great deal about manifesting in general and about some “best practices” for my unique spiritual makeup in the past year.  But I still didn’t really have an alternative to goals and resolutions for a New Year. I only knew that both “goals” and “resolutions” seemed Old Paradigm to me–pushing on me from the outside, stirring up feelings of struggle and strain, bullying me into micro-managing my days, shaming me when I “failed.” I felt them stuffing me back into a box, but by gosh and by golly I was UNboxed and staying that way! But what to do INSTEAD of goals or resolutions? I tossed that whole thought-wad out to the Universe and let it vanish into the vastness.

Not long after that, I got an email from Darius Barazandeh, who hosts seminars with well-known transformational speakers. He shared his own alternative to resolutions, and it immediately resonated with me. It was not about imposing commands on myself or goading myself into action, forcing change from the outside in. Instead, it worked through questions asked of the soul, letting change emerge from the inside out. And isn’t that the true purpose of our goals and resolutions–to create change and transformation in our lives, to realign our outer lives with our inner longings?

I am sharing Darius’  “Transformation Questions” below, to give you the opportunity to ask them of your own soul. Take your time; perhaps address just one question at a time and allow space to really sense and know the answers from your inner wisdom and intuitive soul guidance. I am working through them slowly myself, and I appreciate the unhurried feeling of allowing my soul’s answers to emerge. Gently, lovingly, powerfully, my soul is guiding me to manifest “the change I wish to be.”

Transformation from the soul outward--let it shine!


The Transformation Questions:

1. In what state of divine physical health do I desire my blessed body to be in during 2013 and beyond?

2. What would my ideal financial flow look like?

3. What would my ideal divine love relationship feel like?

4. What would my ideal gift of love and service to the world be?

5. What beautiful places do I plan to visit in 2013?

6. What amazing experiences am I already choosing to have in 2013?

7. What incredible wisdom will I channel in 2013 (and how will I serve others with this)?

8. How will I be an expression of abundance to the planet and a vehicle for love on Earth and beyond?

If you receive some answers you’d like to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I look forward to the inspiration we can give to one another as we manifest transformation from our souls to make 2013 our most amazing year yet!

My gratitude to Darius for creating these questions, and for his ongoing work of bringing tools for personal transformation to me and many others. Click here to learn more about his series in 2013, The Awakening Experiment.