Spiritual Protection for Paranormal Encounters

Spiritual or psychic protection is a must for anyone who investigates or encounters the paranormal, because the energies and entities involved are often negative. While you may not wish to eliminate the energies or entities immediately, you do need to protect yourself (and your client if you are an investigator) from threats or attacks.

 Several effective strategies are listed below. Experiment in a safe space, then choose one strategy or a combination that “clicks” best with your personal style.

  1.  CREATE A SHIELD. Before entering an area, you can visualize a bubble, cloak, shield or protective symbol enclosing you (above, below, and all around), charged with your intention and faith that it will repel oncoming negative energy AND allow positive energy through to empower you. You may want to add color or symbols to “boost” your shield image. White light represents purity and the Divine, blue represents communication with the holy, purple represents turning negative energy to positive. Any color you find meaningful will strengthen your shielding. Some people make a rainbow shield, or change the colors according to the chakra they wish to empower or especially protect.
  2. GROUND YOURSELF.  This simply means reconnecting yourself with the ground under your feet–anchoring yourself in your physical body.  You can visualize roots running down from the soles of your feet into the earth, or just firmly plant your feet on the floor (which is connected to the earth directly or indirectly).  Re-centering your mind in your physical body is protective against disembodied entities or energies.
  3. CALL ON HIGHER POWERS. Find and say a prayer for protection that you find powerful for you–better yet, create your own prayer–or ask a Higher Being such as Jesus, Buddha, or Archangel Michael to be with you and protect you. Archangel Michael is known in several spiritual traditions as a protector and warrior against negative forces.
  4. ANOINT OR SMUDGE YOURSELF. Before leaving home, put a drop of eucalyptus, juniper, or frankincense essential oil in the palm of one hand. Rub the hands together, then pass them through your aura. Or use cedar, sage or palo santo to smudge yourself.
  5. CARRY A TALISMAN OR CRYSTAL. Any symbol that is meaningful to you (a cross, Star of David, or other object) can be charged with your intent to protect you. Small crystals, as tumbles, points, or jewelry, are easy to carry with you and can be charged to shield you and deflect or absorb negative energy. Popular crystals for protection include:
  • amethyst—converts negative energy to positive

  • clear, smoky or tourmalinated quartz—repel negative energy

  • selenite—repels negative energy and cleanses your space

  • shungite—pulls in and absorbs negative energy like a “black hole.” Powerful!

  • sugilite—shields the wearer and helps remove negative energy attachments

  • tourmaline—sucks up negativity and converts it to positive energy; purifies the area; “grounds” the wearer

  • turquoise—protective and calming vibration; enhances psychic contact with truth

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