How to Question an Oracle

Tips on Creating a Question for an Oracle:

・    Focus your attention on the matter for which you are seeking guidance.

・    Frame your question in an open-ended way.  Oracles are not designed to give “yes” or “no” answers; they provide insight and commentary on a situation.  For example, regarding a relationship, asking “What steps should I take in this relationship?” would be an appropriate question.  “Should I leave this relationship?” would not.

・    Think of your question as an issue.  This opens things up still further.  If you’re having problems at work, focus your concern as, “My work is the issue,” or, “My boss is the issue.”

・    If a specific question does not come to your mind, some good general questions are:
◦    What message do I need to hear today?
◦    What do I need to know for my life now?
◦    What issue is most important for me to consider at this moment?
◦    What do I need to understand about myself at this time?

・    ORACLE OVERRIDE:  Occasionally, you may find that the Oracle response doesn’t seem to apply to the issue you had in mind.

◦    In that case, consider the possibility that the Divine has identified a more significant or pressing issue―something you may be avoiding or are not consciously aware of.

◦    Or, if you feel caught between two issues and can’t decide which one to choose, the Oracle will select and respond to the one of most immediate concern, in effect choosing on your behalf which question to answer.

NOTE:  Some material in this article was adapted and excerpted from The Healing Runes by Ralph Blum.

If you share this information, please include that note and credit this blog as your source.  It shows what a classy writer you are!


2 responses to “How to Question an Oracle”

  1. Pat says :

    I so need some help today! I don’t seem to be able to rid myself of the negative carma that seems to be following me for the past year…any help would be appreciated…

    • theunboxedoracle says :

      Pat, I would love to be of service in this matter. If you will email me at, with a few more details about what’s happening in your life, I’ll be happy to respond with any messages the Divine offers.

      Thank you for reaching out, and I look forward to learning and sharing more with you.
      Blessings and grace,

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