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September Energy Outlook: Self-Care + Support = Smooth(er) Sailing

Wow! I don’t know about you, but August for me was “the best of times, the worst of times” (apologies to Charles Dickens). Best birthday cake EVER, followed by most intense personal challenge EVER. I’m coming out of the woods on the challenge now, and I am frankly bowled over by the spiritual help I received to take care of every single need along the way. Whoever’s been sending positive energy and intention my way, I’m here to tell you IT MADE A DIFFERENCE. And thank you ❤
And now, here we are in September–a new month with new promises (and probably new challenges). Not to overemphasize the SuperMoon, but September holds the final Moon phase of the three-month SuperMoon cycle for 2014. So we can expect a final round of SuperMoon energy impact that intensifies each phase of the Moon’s cycle this month, plus a sort of “bonus” culmination of all that the three-month cycle has brought up for us.
As you may have learned from other SuperMoon info, the Moon has a metaphysical or energetic influence on our emotions and intuition. As part of the overall Pluto/Uranus square “clean up your act” astrological emphasis, I’ve felt the SuperMoon cycles putting out a sort of energetic tractor beam that has relentlessly hauled old, painful or negative emotional patterns up to the surface of our awareness, along with a heightened intuitive awareness of the emotions of OTHERS. So if you are energetically sensitive or empathic, you are not only getting a megadose of your OWN stuff to deal with, you are also getting a megadose of the conflicts, pain, and resistance from OTHERS working on THEIR stuff! Yowza. Not fun. And it’s just going to keep happening this month. But stay tuned for the good news!
The impact is major–but the intent is benevolent, if you can take a moment to step back from the swamp of emotions and crazy thoughts, and tune in to Spirit’s guidance. We are being called, again relentlessly, to clear out what has obviously NOT been working for us energetically and emotionally. Only by releasing this energetic gunk can we open up our inner spaces to receive the pure, loving Divine energy that is supposed to be in us instead, so we can create lives that truly fulfill our soul callings–and that actually feel a lot better in the body, too!
So how do you get there from here? Two fundamentals will make for smoother sailing this September:
==> Self-Care–managing your own energy and keeping it clean throughout each day
==> Support–getting new input and healing energy to clear out old stuff more quickly and easily
About self-care–one thing I’ve learned from my dance training AND my spiritual practice is that you never stop needing to work the basics. In dance, you never stop needing those warmup exercises–and you often need to fine-tune or change them up so they help you more as your skills develop. In spiritual practice, same thing. You never stop needing to follow basic spiritual or energetic hygiene routines for yourself, and you may need to rework or upgrade your techniques at this time to stay afloat in the sea of everyone’s stuff.
And about support–there’s only so much anyone can do for him/herself. Humans are social creatures, and we truly NEED the contact and new energy that others can bring to us. A trusted friend or healer can do wonders to get us out of our own mental ruts and into a new state of being that allows change to happen with much more ease. There are many types of no-cost or low-cost energy support available. Ask to be guided to what will help you right where you are, and opportunities WILL show up for you!
Here’s what I’ve found most helpful to me in navigating the often stormy waters of the recent SuperMoons:
1. Frequent and regular grounding, in my personal elements. That’s the first step in my 5-step psychic safety process, and it is essential to discharge your own excess energy/emotions as well as those of others that worm their way into your fields. This step and the whole 5-step process is in my miniguide for subscribers,  SpiritWalking 101. Click here to visit my site, and sign up on the right to receive your free copy.
Note: to remind myself about grounding, and to give myself added support, I keep a grounding talisman with me–a stone from the local beach (I’m finding these days that a plain rock is often better for basic grounding than a crystal). Depending on your preferred Earth elements, you may want a different talisman with you to help keep you grounded.
2. Honoring my body with good food, rest, simple movement–and laughter! I can handle tough stuff much better if I’m rested and fed and had a bit of exercise–all truly basic, but often neglected in times of stress. Plus, I REALLY need to read/see/hear stuff that makes me laugh or at least smile. The physical benefits of laughter are well-documented, and laughing is a powerful way to get back into the present moment–the ONLY place of true power.
3. Seeking and taking in what is beautiful around me. I have talked with many weary warriors, both physical and non-physical, and I find that what they most need to restore their souls is a fresh encounter with Beauty in whatever form they most appreciate. The gifted writer John O’Donohue wrote a book titled Beauty: the Invisible Embrace. And that is how beautiful music and landscapes feel to me. Nurture your own soul with beauty, and you will feel revived physically and spiritually as well.
4. Receiving healing energy from others whenever possible. I’ve found some places in Seattle that offer spiritual healing clinics or special events on a donation basis or even as a gift to the community. And I have had profound benefits from these healing times. Also, I regularly seek distant healing from others who offer it to me–and that has made a significant difference–subtle and gentle, but definitely apparent!

My F*REE  distant healing session for all subscribers is coming this Sunday, September 7, from 6-7 pm PDT. So once you subscribe and opt in, energy support is on the way to help you with the Full Moon and final Moon phases this month! At least one good dose of support! 🙂

But I’d like you to consider this:
What if you could get DAILY energy support, to help you KEEP your energy clear, and also continually bring in more Divine energy for long-term, gentle healing? What if those old patterns could simply be melted away by a continuous flow of healing energy calibrated just for you?
If that feels as good to you as it does to me, check out this NEW possibility now open to you! And let me know what comments or questions you might have about it or about distant healing in general. I’d love to share with you!

Soul Snack: A Poetry Tidbit


“Earth’s crammed with heaven,

And every common bush afire with God,

But only those who see take off their shoes…”

~~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Mmmmm! I savored these lines as I remembered the bushes in my own neighborhood bursting into bloom–after what seemed an overextended and deeply dreary late winter. I truly felt the fiery life force of God within them shooting out into blazes of blossoms! And I wanted to revisit that moment of awakening, even as spring turned to summer.
And so, I invite you to find such a bush–on this page, in a park, or within your own inner landscape–and then, to take off your shoes and savor a soul snack of your own….

              flowering bush white

lilac bush

flowering bushes anderson gardens flowering bush and bench

Beyond Resolutions: Manifesting in a New Year

2013--New and Beautiful!

2013–New and Beautiful!

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy we actually made it to a New Year! The challenges of 2012 were intense and nearly continuous, and I think I heard a global sigh of relief as we crossed the threshold into 2013. Many of my energy-sensitive friends are expressing very positive feelings about the energies around the year 2013, and I am getting much the same sense of hope and optimism.

The beginning of a year always has seemed like a beautifully clean sheet of paper, ready for me to fill with plans, hopes and dreams–that almost never actually happened. In the past, I’ve written both resolutions (usually vague statements that I can’t perceive my progress on and then I forget them by early February) and goals (specific and measurable, but usually also quite plodding and pedestrian, so I only work on them until about March). So generally, nothing much manifested in my life from these writing processes. Sizzle and fizzle. Manifestation meltdowns. I figured I was just one of those people who dreamed and couldn’t do.

Sometimes the page just stayed like that....

Sometimes the page never got past this….

I’ve learned a great deal about manifesting in general and about some “best practices” for my unique spiritual makeup in the past year.  But I still didn’t really have an alternative to goals and resolutions for a New Year. I only knew that both “goals” and “resolutions” seemed Old Paradigm to me–pushing on me from the outside, stirring up feelings of struggle and strain, bullying me into micro-managing my days, shaming me when I “failed.” I felt them stuffing me back into a box, but by gosh and by golly I was UNboxed and staying that way! But what to do INSTEAD of goals or resolutions? I tossed that whole thought-wad out to the Universe and let it vanish into the vastness.

Not long after that, I got an email from Darius Barazandeh, who hosts seminars with well-known transformational speakers. He shared his own alternative to resolutions, and it immediately resonated with me. It was not about imposing commands on myself or goading myself into action, forcing change from the outside in. Instead, it worked through questions asked of the soul, letting change emerge from the inside out. And isn’t that the true purpose of our goals and resolutions–to create change and transformation in our lives, to realign our outer lives with our inner longings?

I am sharing Darius’  “Transformation Questions” below, to give you the opportunity to ask them of your own soul. Take your time; perhaps address just one question at a time and allow space to really sense and know the answers from your inner wisdom and intuitive soul guidance. I am working through them slowly myself, and I appreciate the unhurried feeling of allowing my soul’s answers to emerge. Gently, lovingly, powerfully, my soul is guiding me to manifest “the change I wish to be.”

Transformation from the soul outward--let it shine!


The Transformation Questions:

1. In what state of divine physical health do I desire my blessed body to be in during 2013 and beyond?

2. What would my ideal financial flow look like?

3. What would my ideal divine love relationship feel like?

4. What would my ideal gift of love and service to the world be?

5. What beautiful places do I plan to visit in 2013?

6. What amazing experiences am I already choosing to have in 2013?

7. What incredible wisdom will I channel in 2013 (and how will I serve others with this)?

8. How will I be an expression of abundance to the planet and a vehicle for love on Earth and beyond?

If you receive some answers you’d like to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section. I look forward to the inspiration we can give to one another as we manifest transformation from our souls to make 2013 our most amazing year yet!

My gratitude to Darius for creating these questions, and for his ongoing work of bringing tools for personal transformation to me and many others. Click here to learn more about his series in 2013, The Awakening Experiment.

A Quote on “Success”

I needed this reminder to shift my awareness off of trying to be a “success” and back onto just being one of those people who is needed by the planet.  I hope this reminds you that you are needed, too!

Fallow Ground–Now Replanting
How my blog felt when I looked at it in September.

Yes, it has been awhile since I cultivated my blog’s ground. Momentous events, personal healing struggles, and even a resistance to writing–all have pulled me away into more inner journeys. I’ve done a lot of personal journaling, but didn’t feel ready to record anything for public view.

I’ll share a secret here. I’ve always had mixed feelings about my own writing. I’ve been really “left brain” most of my life, a better editor of others’ work than creator of my own. When I wrote my own work, it truly was WORK–as in slog and drudgery. I crafted, sculpted, tweaked, agonized over most sentences. The results were usually clear and lucid, occasionally exquisite (if I do say so myself 🙂 ), but at such a personal cost of time and stress that I’d always tell myself after I finally finished a piece, “I’m quitting NOW! This is just too f#*$in’  much WORK!”

But something shifted in me after the healing time, and I found myself waking up in the morning feeling (cautiously) inspired about putting words out for others to read. But I’d just get busy with my day and the inspiration would quietly soak into the fallow ground so it remained, well, fallow. But gradually more fertile.
I guess we’ll find out together!

I’ve written mostly from my mind, and that’s a habit I’ve cultivated from years of academic study and training. It has its strengths, and I am grateful for a good left brain! But since my Great Awakening in 2011, I’ve come to cherish my right brain–experiential, mystical, simply alive in the present. And I’ve also come to realize that writing from Spirit, which is my real goal, is even more about heart than brain. I’m getting a sense that coming from my heart will actually make writing easier, and definitely more joyful. And probably more fun to read, too.

So I’ll be planting more heart seeds in this blog’s ground, and we’ll see what sprouts! I imagine there will still be a lot of left-brain editing (weeding?) happening–kind of unavoidable for me–but I intend to have a lot more fun letting Spirit flow through my heart and into the words.

My friends in the Fae realm gave me a little chant to help me remember the difference:

“Slow slow struggle struggle slowstruggleSLOG!

Flow flow loving loving flowlovingFUN!”

Okay.  That seems pretty clear. Ready to practice now  🙂

Thoughts of Thanksgiving


For me, Thanksgiving is more than a calendar day, though it is great to set aside a day specifically for giving thanks.  And it is more than a season, though it is certainly appropriate to show gratitude at harvest time for Mother Earth’s loving gifts of food and natural beauty–that riot of color and celebration before the solemn stillness of winter.

For me, Thanksgiving is a spiritual state, a mindset of gratitude that is renewed EVERY day because every day I receive so many gifts of grace:  a kind word from someone who read this blog and took time to comment, a spontaneous hug from my daughter, a loving look from an animal friend, an encouraging message from my spirit guides, a breathtaking view of a tree silhouetted against the evening sky.

The Divine showers us daily with such simple gifts, and in return asks only for our attention and appreciation.  I remember my most childlike response of gratitude, about a year or two ago.  (I randomly toggle between being 5, 15, and 50; lately, 5 seems to be “on” more of the time…) 🙂  I walked out of a church building to the sight of a particularly spectacular sunset.  Pink-, coral-, and purple-tinged clouds sailed above me, backlit by the splendor of the sun sliding down to the horizon.  A shaft of light shot through a separate, haloed cloud, a single glorious ray that fanned out to surround a distant field in a white-gold blaze.  I spontaneously lifted my hands in awe and silent praise.  Then a light-shaft of thought blazed through my mind, “You’re a Leo, you love applause for your art–God would love some, too!” And even though I was enough older than 5 to feel a little foolish, I stood out there on the sidewalk and gave the Creator the sound of two hands clapping, through a trickle of tears and a great big grin.  I’ve never felt closer to the Divine than in that moment, especially when an inner voice whispered, “I’m glad you noticed.”

It’s likely that you’ll see this post after the calendar day for Thanksgiving is past.  But if you decide to make Thanksgiving your mindset, any day you see this will be the right day to respond with attention, appreciation, and maybe applause for the gifts you are receiving from invisible hands of grace.  I’ll be right there with you.

      P.S.  If you ever need a little reminder about a child’s-eye view of gratitude, just watch the VeggieTales video Madame Blueberry.  It’s my personal favorite for clearing the mind of “stuffism,” and filling the spirit with thankfulness and good wholesome laughter!