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Follow That Fool! (He’s headed for a miracle…)

The Fool (classic Rider-Waite style)

The Fool (classic Rider-Waite style)

I’ve never liked the typical April Fool’s Day shenanigans–it always seemed a bit malicious, if not downright cruel, to set up “jokes” at another’s expense.

But I’ve learned to appreciate, and even celebrate, the hidden wisdom of The Fool. And it started when I was, of all things, an older student striving NOT to appear foolish among the young, conservative, and oh-so-wise undergrads at a small, elite Christian college in Tennessee.

The course: Jesus in the Arts.

The culminating project: an interpretation of Jesus, and my response to Jesus, through an artistic medium.

My soul’s choice (over my mind’s protest): dance.

Why? To break my addiction to appearing wise, strong, and “cool.” To declare in a way beyond words my humble, heartfelt embrace of God’s Own Fool and my own inner fool. To allow myself (as I knew the Master Jesus would) to risk criticism, disdain, and possibly horrified rejection by those young, conservative, religiously wise undergrads (liturgical dance was practically an oxymoron around there!).

To really, literally, STEP into the unknown–with no certainty of what would happen next. With only the seed of faith that I was, for some unknown reason, CALLED to do this, for a greater good I could barely perceive. And with the (utterly unseen) support of the One Who called me.

So I prepared, and trusted, and still feared, and finally STEPPED anyway. Imperfectly, but with all I had, I danced my allegiance–handmade FOOL badge slapped over my heart as talisman and proclamation–as Michael Card sang:

So surrender the hunger to say you must know

Have the courage to say, “I believe.”

For the power of paradox opens our eyes,

And blinds those who say they can see…

So we follow God’s Own Fool,

For only the foolish can tell.

Believe the unbelievable,

Come, be a fool as well!

Stepping, as a Fool

Stepping, as a Fool

And, like the Fool Jesus and the Fool of Tarot, I stepped into a miracle.

The undergrads erupted into applause. They followed up with thoughtful questions and lively, positive discussion. The professor took me aside after class to tell me that he wished he had scheduled my presentation first, “to raise the bar for the other students.”

And he then invited me to assist him in teaching a class period devoted to Dance in Worship.

The Unseen Support had risen to uphold my stepping feet and send me onto a path of affirmation, validation, and soul-deep JOY.

I’ve done a lot more Following That Fool and Stepping Off Edges since then. I have to say, it doesn’t necessarily get easier. But the Universe and my Guidance now have a well-established track record of Unseen Support Made Manifest–though only AFTER my foot goes off the edge…

So on April 1 especially, I invite you to look again at The Fool.

Do you still see what conditioned, conventional “wisdom” sees–a blithering idiot headed for disaster? That says you’re stuck, peering through the lenses of FEAR.

Ask the Universe to swap out those old specs for the sparkling new lenses of FAITH, and you’ll see a blessed adventurer headed for miracles.

Follow That Fool! Miracles Ahead....

Follow That Fool! Miracles Ahead….

Now, take that deep, cleansing breath of Trust and then–just STEP…

And tell me–right here in the comments!–what miracles rise up to meet YOU.


Feeling the Embrace of Divine Darkness

The Solstice with its longest night–and this whole season of More-Night-Than-Day–is a time that we have been conditioned to fear and resist. Our instincts tell us we’re vulnerable to what we “can’t see,” and because we’ve neglected the psychic/spiritual senses that could allow us to “see” and therefore be safe in any circumstances, we have created an enormous culture of Dark-Avoidance.

We’ve made some real beauty out of our insistence on “light in the darkness.” The candles and holiday lights twinkling inside and outside our homes are often truly inspiring to see. My daughter and I walked the Solstice Stroll at Kruckeberg Gardens yesterday evening, and the light sculptures woven through the trees and shrubs were lovely, even ethereal, gently uplifting to our souls.

But we were both very aware that what made those lights so very lovely was the velvety “blackdrop” of the night that surrounded them. And we allowed ourselves to be enfolded by the stillness, the serenity, the deeply Divine embrace of that velvety Darkness as a beauty of Its own, a gift in and of Itself.

And what if you could simply, trustingly, surrender to the soothing embrace of Divine Darkness? What if you could allow yourself to fully feel the healing power within the “peace and quiet” of the long nights of this season?

In fact, what if this whole season is an invitation from the Divine to experience the deep messages from this tender, nurturing Stillness that can only be perceived when you turn off the busy brightness of manufactured light? What if, by surrendering to the quiet embrace and healing of the Divine Darkness, you replenish your own inner Light?

The Divine Darkness is, in a very profound sense, like a womb of rebirth for us all, and just as many people celebrate one wondrous Birth at this time of year, you can also experience the power of your own soul’s rebirth now–IF you allow yourself to fully relax into the darkness, both physically and spiritually, and receive the renewal that awaits you there.

As you surrender, and open the gifts of the Divine Darkness, I would love to hear what you receive from this other side of Divinity. These gifts are to be shared, and just as I love sharing mine with you, I also love receiving your gifts of insight and transformation! I look forward to how we’ll enrich each other in our journey through this season of Divine Darkness….

Velvety Dark Divine Blessings,

Your Unboxed Oracle

The 2014 SuperMoons–Enjoy the Energies!

I always love getting energy/spirit news from alert subscribers, and the August SuperMoon prompted two of them to notify me of the energetic and astrological significance of this unique Moon moment.

Since I’m not an astronomer, I really like learning more about the planets so I understand what I’m seeing. Click here for some astronomical info on the SuperMoons of summer 2014.

AND, since I’m also not an astrologer, I especially appreciate astrological insights from subscribers or others on the energetic implications of planetary movement and activity. Click here for several astrologers’ interpretations on The August SuperMoon.

As always, stay open to the insights of others, but listen most attentively to your OWN inner promptings and knowings about what this SuperMoon energy is meant to bring to you.

Often, a full moon energy activates and empowers culminations–which can mean releases of what is old, stagnant or toxic, AND/OR completions and manifestations of what has been waiting to emerge. This would be “supercharged” by the SuperMoon, so if you are sensitive you will feel a sort of “gravitational pull” (like a tide!) toward either releasing the old or finishing something new. Plus, you may also be feeling extra “stirred up” by emotions or memories that trigger you into either releasing old energies or completing an energetic/spiritual task.

I’m definitely in “release” mode–some very old, very toxic early childhood conditioning that keeps me feeling constantly afraid that I am “failing” somehow (either not doing enough good stuff or doing something “wrong”) has come up to my awareness to process and really, truly LET GO of so I can act from my inner spiritual truth instead of my family programming. So I’ll be doing some very specific inner work–including Soul Contract Revision, Karma Clearing,  Akashic Record review, and some focused Tarot readings along with my usual detoxing procedures! Can’t wait to see what I find I REALLY believe after this! 😀

So what can YOU do to best harmonize with and enjoy this SuperMoon?

1. Go out and SEE it! 🙂 It will truly look spectacular–I got some views yesterday over the Seattle skyline that were breathtaking. Putting your attention and appreciation on the Moon helps reconnect you with the wonders of Nature and our Earth, which can open your heart to greater gratitude, appreciation, peace, and joy.

2. Get quiet and ask yourself, “What do I need to release or complete at this time?” Then make it an emotional and physical priority to follow through on what you receive.

3. Share what you learn/do with family, friends, or ME! 🙂 This helps you anchor the energies and continue to follow through to manifest your spiritual growth into physical reality.

4. Be aware that these energies do NOT end tonight! They carry on for at least two more weeks, and some astrologers are indicating that the full “culmination” aspects will actually show up in about 6 months. So keep tuning in and following through, and you may be amazed at what you and the SuperMoons of 2014 create together.

SuperBlessings to You 🙂 !

Soul Snack: A Poetry Tidbit


“Earth’s crammed with heaven,

And every common bush afire with God,

But only those who see take off their shoes…”

~~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Mmmmm! I savored these lines as I remembered the bushes in my own neighborhood bursting into bloom–after what seemed an overextended and deeply dreary late winter. I truly felt the fiery life force of God within them shooting out into blazes of blossoms! And I wanted to revisit that moment of awakening, even as spring turned to summer.
And so, I invite you to find such a bush–on this page, in a park, or within your own inner landscape–and then, to take off your shoes and savor a soul snack of your own….

              flowering bush white

lilac bush

flowering bushes anderson gardens flowering bush and bench

Love and Power–A Dance of Divine Duality

As an intuitive healer, I offer my email subscribers the gift of a monthly distant energy healing. The hour I spend in transmitting Divine healing energy is often a profound experience for me, as well as for those who receive the energy. The April 7 session was particularly significant, as I felt much stronger sensations of energy transmitting and also received a clear, downloaded message from Spirit about  love and power. Below is what I shared with my subscribers after the healing.

“A theme often emerges in a group healing session, and this time the focus was EMPOWERED LOVE. I was led to use several of my rose quartz crystals in a grid pattern during the session, along with blue calcite, my crystal skulls, black tourmaline and a particularly powerful Phantom Quartz. This created quite a synergy of love, power and cleansing during the session. I received a specific message during the energy transmission as well:

Love without power is cloying and codependent; power without love is voracious and vicious. Yet, when operating in balance and union, they interweave like strands of DNA, encoding the very nature of Divine Spirit into our beings.

The Spiral Dance of Love and Power

Love brings gentleness to power, while power brings vigor to love. So the two harmonize, dance and swirl within each of us, creating a blend uniquely suited to our own vibrational presence and purpose. Some of you operate with a higher proportion of power, some with a greater portion of love. But only TOGETHER can they fully express the Divine within and through you. Know, honor and appreciate your own personal mix of Love and Power, and let your Empowered Love be fully expressed in your life, with Joy!”

Love and Power, Light and Dark–inseparable in the Divine, intertwined in us. Divine Duality Dancing. May you be swept up into the rhythm and discover your own spiral dance of Spirit!

Would you like to receive Divine healing energies each month to free your soul and energize your body? Click here for information on becoming an email subscriber of the Unboxed Oracle! Privacy is protected and benefits include a monthly newsletter with practical energy healing tips plus the free monthly distant healing. I would be honored to add you to our energized circle!

A Quote for Your Soul

This quote expresses some of my own deep soul desires. I would add one more:

I am here to bring more Divine Beauty into the world, 

one prayer, one song,

one healing, one dance,

one word of grace,

one act of kindness at a time.

What would YOU add from your own soul?

Say it, do it, be it!

Radio Interview and a New Path

LIVE INTERVIEW on TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012,         8 pm CDT!

I’m happy to announce my first LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW as the Unboxed Oracle!  It’s on the Kristy D. Fox Show this Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 8 pm CDT, and the program will be recorded and available for replay on the webpage afterwards.  Click  here to access the page and get the call-in number in case you’d like to ask a question LIVE!  Kristy herself is a beautiful and powerful lightworker who brings healing to many people through her connections with angels, ancestors and other Higher Beings.  And I’ll be sharing some brand-new Divine downloads about healing and spiritual growth myself.  This will be a truly empowering and uplifting broadcast that you will definitely want to hear to replenish your spiritual energies!

I’ll give a bit of a “teaser” about a major topic in the discussion.  My own journey into what I call an “expanded spirituality” was very rocky in the first few months–I lacked mentoring and support, and so I had to face many challenges and fears on my own, stumbling often and sometimes painfully in the process.  My experiences have led me to create a practice I call the Spiritual PowerPath, which is composed of a series of Steps to guide people to access their true spiritual gifts and power with grace, safety and support.

I’ll be talking about the essential Three First Steps on this PowerPath and explain how I can lead you into those Steps.  Even seasoned Pathwalkers will benefit from refreshing themselves on these Steps, and of course once you’re on the PowerPath, there are other Steps to keep you on course and in your power all along the way.  The whole practice is about choosing your Steps and then going forward with only as much support as you desire.  The goal is to create self-powered Walkers, Runners and ultimately Flyers!

Join me Tuesday, 7/17 at 8 pm CDT to learn more and step into your own power!   I look forward to sharing our energies!

The Prayer of Undoing: A Gift for the New Year

At the end of a year, I find myself looking back in order to move forward.  I review actions, relationships and unresolved issues from the past, with the intent of honoring what went well and learning from what did not.  Where I still feel pain or regret, I look for ways to heal and bless myself and the others involved, so that the highest good may result and we can all be free to keep growing.

This year I learned of a simple yet tremendously powerful prayer that releases guilt and shame over painful past events and brings clearing energy to EVERYONE affected by them.  I have felt the results myself, and so have others I’ve told about it.  Now I’d like to offer it to you as a year-end gift  to help you make a loving, empowered start to 2012.

I found the Prayer of Undoing in the writing of Doreen Virtue*.  She was working through deep feelings of sadness and guilt over her divorce and the custody issues with her children.  She received internal instruction that she could “perform an undoing,” and then was given this affirmation to pray as she focused on the topic of her divorce and custody battles:

“Some mistakes have been made in this situation.  I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all directions of time.”

Doreen reported that as she repeated this affirmation several times, focusing on her topic, she felt waves of shudders in her physical body–stored negative emotions being released from her very cells.  When the shuddering ceased, she stopped saying the affirmation.  A greater sense of peace and well-being remained with her afterwards.

Later in the book I learned that this prayer is useful whenever I become aware that I’ve made a mistake by acting or speaking from unloving or fearful thoughts.  I like to make the prayer more personal by saying:

“I admit that I made mistakes in this situation, and I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all directions of time for everyone concerned.”

This helps me both acknowledge and release responsibility for my part of the situation.

I find that this prayer acts like Reiki energy–it flows through time and space to heal the situation and all people involved.  I advise praying it privately, as it definitely does activate shudders, twitches, and other movements that indicate the body is releasing old, wedged negativity.  If you find that the release is overwhelming, ask the Divine to ease it for you.  You should FEEL the release, but not SUFFER from it!

If this benefits you, I would be blessed by your comments to this post.  And please share the post and the prayer with others!  It’s ALWAYS a good time to get free from the past and move joyously into the future!

* Healing with the Fairies, Hay House, 2001.

Thoughts of Thanksgiving


For me, Thanksgiving is more than a calendar day, though it is great to set aside a day specifically for giving thanks.  And it is more than a season, though it is certainly appropriate to show gratitude at harvest time for Mother Earth’s loving gifts of food and natural beauty–that riot of color and celebration before the solemn stillness of winter.

For me, Thanksgiving is a spiritual state, a mindset of gratitude that is renewed EVERY day because every day I receive so many gifts of grace:  a kind word from someone who read this blog and took time to comment, a spontaneous hug from my daughter, a loving look from an animal friend, an encouraging message from my spirit guides, a breathtaking view of a tree silhouetted against the evening sky.

The Divine showers us daily with such simple gifts, and in return asks only for our attention and appreciation.  I remember my most childlike response of gratitude, about a year or two ago.  (I randomly toggle between being 5, 15, and 50; lately, 5 seems to be “on” more of the time…) 🙂  I walked out of a church building to the sight of a particularly spectacular sunset.  Pink-, coral-, and purple-tinged clouds sailed above me, backlit by the splendor of the sun sliding down to the horizon.  A shaft of light shot through a separate, haloed cloud, a single glorious ray that fanned out to surround a distant field in a white-gold blaze.  I spontaneously lifted my hands in awe and silent praise.  Then a light-shaft of thought blazed through my mind, “You’re a Leo, you love applause for your art–God would love some, too!” And even though I was enough older than 5 to feel a little foolish, I stood out there on the sidewalk and gave the Creator the sound of two hands clapping, through a trickle of tears and a great big grin.  I’ve never felt closer to the Divine than in that moment, especially when an inner voice whispered, “I’m glad you noticed.”

It’s likely that you’ll see this post after the calendar day for Thanksgiving is past.  But if you decide to make Thanksgiving your mindset, any day you see this will be the right day to respond with attention, appreciation, and maybe applause for the gifts you are receiving from invisible hands of grace.  I’ll be right there with you.

      P.S.  If you ever need a little reminder about a child’s-eye view of gratitude, just watch the VeggieTales video Madame Blueberry.  It’s my personal favorite for clearing the mind of “stuffism,” and filling the spirit with thankfulness and good wholesome laughter!

The Divine Name on 11-11-11: Peaceful, Powerful, Profound

Where were YOU at 11:11 am on 11-11-11?  If you perceived this date and time to have personal or spiritual significance (and based on the numerous articles, posts and YouTube videos I noticed, MANY people did!), you no doubt have a story to tell about your experience at that moment.  I’d like to share mine, and I’d love to hear yours in a comment or email to me!

I find great inspiration and healing in the music of Jonathan Goldman.  This summer, I purchased his book The Divine Name and the CD recording of his toning of the Name, and found that both listening to the CD and toning the Name myself brought me to new levels  physically and spiritually.  So when I received an email invitation to a workshop on the Divine Name led by Jonathan and his wife Andi, which would culminate in the group toning the Divine Name on 11-11-11 for personal and planetary healing, I felt an immediate pull to participate.

This was challenging to me in many ways. I’d never traveled by myself to a place where I knew no one personally.  I had not planned on financing a trip at this time.  I’d had uncomfortable experiences before in apparently spiritual group settings–isolated and rejected because I somehow didn’t fit in.  And I wasn’t sure if I should leave my pets again (they’d been pretty stressed out the last time I left them!).  Yet the pull was persistent, and I knew this was a call from the Divine to a personal adventure.  So at 8 am Wednesday, November 9, I found myself on the Van Galder bus to O’Hare, headed off to the wild blue yonder of Boulder, Colorado.

My prayer was that the Divine would lead me both to receive and to give in the two days I’d spend in the workshop, and that I would make some meaningful personal connections.  And as always, when the Divine says yes, it’s a really BIG YES!   Being with Jonathan and Andi was truly inspiring.  Their  evident love and respect for each other, their engaging teaching style and depth of knowledge, plus their genuine joy in interacting with people–all brought healing to me.  I felt new faith that I will find such a loving partnership for myself, and I was able to shed some of my old feelings of unworthiness to approach teachers “after class.”  I also met two fellow learners who showed kindness to me by transporting me to and from the workshop site (saving me a lot in cab fares), eating lunch with me, and having amazing conversations with me in our free time.  And yet the greatest blessing was still to come.

The morning of 11-11-11, almost 60 of us met for a final preparatory session before the time of meditation and toning of the Divine Name.  We’d learned about sound as a creative force and a healing modality, about the power of self-created sacred sound to “shift our frequencies” for healing, and we’d experienced the physical effects of sound in our bodies from several of Jonathan’s recordings.  We’d studied and toned vowels as sacred mantras, heard our own vocal overtones and harmonics resonating our chakras, and practiced intoning the vowel series that makes the Divine Name.  We’d been guided through some beautiful meditations and were in a state of deep spiritual receptivity.  Now we were ready to experience the power of the Divine Name as prayer.

We were reminded that our toning was a sonic offering to carry prayer to the Creator.  By expressing our prayers verbally as though they were already realities, then surrounding these prayers with appreciation and gratitude as we toned the Divine Name, we were putting our hearts and brains in physical and spiritual resonance and generating powerful vibratory energy.  This would amplify the prayers and enhance not only the vibrational level of the planet but also the consciousness of all life on it.

We focused our attention on the crystal grid in the center of the room, and entered our final meditation.  We visualized a portal opening above the center quartz crystal, after which we were led to quietly verbalize a prayer of personal healing, and then in unison we toned the Divine Name.  Next were prayers of larger personal concerns followed by the intoned Divine Name.  Then came prayers for planetary healing, followed by the Divine Name, and universal healing followed by the Divine Name.  At 11:11 am, the Name was sounding with intent to heal, vibrating through us and through the portal out into the universe.  Jonathan had us visualize the globe rotating above the center crystal, and we sounded the Name again with the intent of imaging a blanket of healing energy–pink and gold–covering our beloved Gaia.  In that moment I was given a remarkable vision.

Down from the cosmos surrounding our planet, a shower of sparks descended–sparks of Divine energy.  They floated down through the pink and gold, separating out to enter every living being on our planet.  I saw them settle, glowing, near each being’s heart, and I heard the words: “They can NEVER be extinguished!”  I was given to understand that these sparks were a new gift from the Divine, which would light up or activate new aspects of our DNA, almost like matches igniting a fuse.  In some beings, the sparks would begin working quickly, while in others they would simply nestle lovingly and await the moment when the beings were spiritually awakened to begin “ignition.”  A final understanding was that now all beings carry two sparks from the Divine:  the spark of Creation to give us life, and now the spark of Redemption to bring us back home to the Divine.   I was deeply moved.

After the visualization, the portal was closed and we sat in silence for a few moments to allow the experience to be completed within us.  Then Jonathan invited us to share our impressions if we wished.  A strong inner prompting nudged me to raise my hand, and I spoke about what I’d seen.  My words were received with respect even as I struggled with tears in expressing myself.  And my words led another woman to share a lovely vision she’d been given in which giant strands of DNA from within the heart of the planet were awakened and spiraled up into space in a dance of joy.  There was a sense of awe, power and yet a deep peace within us all as we pondered these images and impressions.

The ceremony was closed with a beautifully personal celebration, as Jonathan surprised Andi with a remix of a song he’d written for her, “Angel of Love,” in honor of the day also being their 11th anniversary!  He took her in his arms and danced with her by the crystals, and we were all invited to join them as fellow “angels of love.”  It was the most joy I’ve felt dancing in quite awhile.

So heaven and earth were sonically harmonized, at least for a moment, and I believe all of us in the workshop felt a greater inner harmony as well.  I know that many, many other people were involved in spiritually significant activities on this day, and I believe that the planet is the better for it, along with everyone on it (whether they are aware or not).  I can personally say that I am still feeling the effects of my 11-11-11 resonating in my soul, and now I can’t wait for the Sound Healing Intensive in 2012!