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A Blessing of Deep Peace

Prayer by Fiona McLead (1855-1905)

Prayer by Fiona McLead (1855-1905)

In turbulent times like these, we can feel beleaguered, buffeted and battered by events and energies swirling around us. The bustle of the holiday season; the ongoing proclamations of global and personal economic collapse, terrorism, war, and crisis in government; the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut on 12/14/12 which have left all of us reeling in shock and grief; the list of man-made traumas seems endless. Add to that the upheavals in nature, and the inevitable cleansing chaos of death and rebirth surrounding the end of an Earth era on 12/21/12–and as it all crashes into our minds along with our own personal struggles, we experience truly formidable challenges to our souls. We can feel overwhelmed, awash in uncertainty, confusion, pain and fear.

And yet, even when the turmoil seems unbearable, there is still, both Within and Beyond us, a place of Deep Peace. Within, it is as close as our next cleansing breath, as we pause to exhale stress and inhale “the flowing air.” Beyond, it is as near as a spiritual song, a glorious piece of art, a loving encounter with an animal companion, a gentle walk on “the quiet earth.”

If you find this Celtic Blessing part of your own way in to Deep Peace, this site offers other lovely scenes and a link to one video where these words are made into spiritual song. I’ve been inspired to create my own personal song from this blessing, and the creating is one way into my own Deep Peace.  Here is another sung version of the blessing that I find refreshing.

Wherever and however we find it, our own place of Deep Peace is always waiting for us, ready to enfold us in a loving embrace. May you enter yours as often as you have need for it in the days ahead.


A Quote for Your Soul

This quote expresses some of my own deep soul desires. I would add one more:

I am here to bring more Divine Beauty into the world, 

one prayer, one song,

one healing, one dance,

one word of grace,

one act of kindness at a time.

What would YOU add from your own soul?

Say it, do it, be it!

Radio Interview and a New Path

LIVE INTERVIEW on TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012,         8 pm CDT!

I’m happy to announce my first LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW as the Unboxed Oracle!  It’s on the Kristy D. Fox Show this Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 8 pm CDT, and the program will be recorded and available for replay on the webpage afterwards.  Click  here to access the page and get the call-in number in case you’d like to ask a question LIVE!  Kristy herself is a beautiful and powerful lightworker who brings healing to many people through her connections with angels, ancestors and other Higher Beings.  And I’ll be sharing some brand-new Divine downloads about healing and spiritual growth myself.  This will be a truly empowering and uplifting broadcast that you will definitely want to hear to replenish your spiritual energies!

I’ll give a bit of a “teaser” about a major topic in the discussion.  My own journey into what I call an “expanded spirituality” was very rocky in the first few months–I lacked mentoring and support, and so I had to face many challenges and fears on my own, stumbling often and sometimes painfully in the process.  My experiences have led me to create a practice I call the Spiritual PowerPath, which is composed of a series of Steps to guide people to access their true spiritual gifts and power with grace, safety and support.

I’ll be talking about the essential Three First Steps on this PowerPath and explain how I can lead you into those Steps.  Even seasoned Pathwalkers will benefit from refreshing themselves on these Steps, and of course once you’re on the PowerPath, there are other Steps to keep you on course and in your power all along the way.  The whole practice is about choosing your Steps and then going forward with only as much support as you desire.  The goal is to create self-powered Walkers, Runners and ultimately Flyers!

Join me Tuesday, 7/17 at 8 pm CDT to learn more and step into your own power!   I look forward to sharing our energies!

The Prayer of Undoing: A Gift for the New Year

At the end of a year, I find myself looking back in order to move forward.  I review actions, relationships and unresolved issues from the past, with the intent of honoring what went well and learning from what did not.  Where I still feel pain or regret, I look for ways to heal and bless myself and the others involved, so that the highest good may result and we can all be free to keep growing.

This year I learned of a simple yet tremendously powerful prayer that releases guilt and shame over painful past events and brings clearing energy to EVERYONE affected by them.  I have felt the results myself, and so have others I’ve told about it.  Now I’d like to offer it to you as a year-end gift  to help you make a loving, empowered start to 2012.

I found the Prayer of Undoing in the writing of Doreen Virtue*.  She was working through deep feelings of sadness and guilt over her divorce and the custody issues with her children.  She received internal instruction that she could “perform an undoing,” and then was given this affirmation to pray as she focused on the topic of her divorce and custody battles:

“Some mistakes have been made in this situation.  I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all directions of time.”

Doreen reported that as she repeated this affirmation several times, focusing on her topic, she felt waves of shudders in her physical body–stored negative emotions being released from her very cells.  When the shuddering ceased, she stopped saying the affirmation.  A greater sense of peace and well-being remained with her afterwards.

Later in the book I learned that this prayer is useful whenever I become aware that I’ve made a mistake by acting or speaking from unloving or fearful thoughts.  I like to make the prayer more personal by saying:

“I admit that I made mistakes in this situation, and I ask that the effects of all mistakes be undone in all directions of time for everyone concerned.”

This helps me both acknowledge and release responsibility for my part of the situation.

I find that this prayer acts like Reiki energy–it flows through time and space to heal the situation and all people involved.  I advise praying it privately, as it definitely does activate shudders, twitches, and other movements that indicate the body is releasing old, wedged negativity.  If you find that the release is overwhelming, ask the Divine to ease it for you.  You should FEEL the release, but not SUFFER from it!

If this benefits you, I would be blessed by your comments to this post.  And please share the post and the prayer with others!  It’s ALWAYS a good time to get free from the past and move joyously into the future!

* Healing with the Fairies, Hay House, 2001.

Thoughts of Thanksgiving


For me, Thanksgiving is more than a calendar day, though it is great to set aside a day specifically for giving thanks.  And it is more than a season, though it is certainly appropriate to show gratitude at harvest time for Mother Earth’s loving gifts of food and natural beauty–that riot of color and celebration before the solemn stillness of winter.

For me, Thanksgiving is a spiritual state, a mindset of gratitude that is renewed EVERY day because every day I receive so many gifts of grace:  a kind word from someone who read this blog and took time to comment, a spontaneous hug from my daughter, a loving look from an animal friend, an encouraging message from my spirit guides, a breathtaking view of a tree silhouetted against the evening sky.

The Divine showers us daily with such simple gifts, and in return asks only for our attention and appreciation.  I remember my most childlike response of gratitude, about a year or two ago.  (I randomly toggle between being 5, 15, and 50; lately, 5 seems to be “on” more of the time…) 🙂  I walked out of a church building to the sight of a particularly spectacular sunset.  Pink-, coral-, and purple-tinged clouds sailed above me, backlit by the splendor of the sun sliding down to the horizon.  A shaft of light shot through a separate, haloed cloud, a single glorious ray that fanned out to surround a distant field in a white-gold blaze.  I spontaneously lifted my hands in awe and silent praise.  Then a light-shaft of thought blazed through my mind, “You’re a Leo, you love applause for your art–God would love some, too!” And even though I was enough older than 5 to feel a little foolish, I stood out there on the sidewalk and gave the Creator the sound of two hands clapping, through a trickle of tears and a great big grin.  I’ve never felt closer to the Divine than in that moment, especially when an inner voice whispered, “I’m glad you noticed.”

It’s likely that you’ll see this post after the calendar day for Thanksgiving is past.  But if you decide to make Thanksgiving your mindset, any day you see this will be the right day to respond with attention, appreciation, and maybe applause for the gifts you are receiving from invisible hands of grace.  I’ll be right there with you.

      P.S.  If you ever need a little reminder about a child’s-eye view of gratitude, just watch the VeggieTales video Madame Blueberry.  It’s my personal favorite for clearing the mind of “stuffism,” and filling the spirit with thankfulness and good wholesome laughter!