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Follow That Fool! (He’s headed for a miracle…)

The Fool (classic Rider-Waite style)

The Fool (classic Rider-Waite style)

I’ve never liked the typical April Fool’s Day shenanigans–it always seemed a bit malicious, if not downright cruel, to set up “jokes” at another’s expense.

But I’ve learned to appreciate, and even celebrate, the hidden wisdom of The Fool. And it started when I was, of all things, an older student striving NOT to appear foolish among the young, conservative, and oh-so-wise undergrads at a small, elite Christian college in Tennessee.

The course: Jesus in the Arts.

The culminating project: an interpretation of Jesus, and my response to Jesus, through an artistic medium.

My soul’s choice (over my mind’s protest): dance.

Why? To break my addiction to appearing wise, strong, and “cool.” To declare in a way beyond words my humble, heartfelt embrace of God’s Own Fool and my own inner fool. To allow myself (as I knew the Master Jesus would) to risk criticism, disdain, and possibly horrified rejection by those young, conservative, religiously wise undergrads (liturgical dance was practically an oxymoron around there!).

To really, literally, STEP into the unknown–with no certainty of what would happen next. With only the seed of faith that I was, for some unknown reason, CALLED to do this, for a greater good I could barely perceive. And with the (utterly unseen) support of the One Who called me.

So I prepared, and trusted, and still feared, and finally STEPPED anyway. Imperfectly, but with all I had, I danced my allegiance–handmade FOOL badge slapped over my heart as talisman and proclamation–as Michael Card sang:

So surrender the hunger to say you must know

Have the courage to say, “I believe.”

For the power of paradox opens our eyes,

And blinds those who say they can see…

So we follow God’s Own Fool,

For only the foolish can tell.

Believe the unbelievable,

Come, be a fool as well!

Stepping, as a Fool

Stepping, as a Fool

And, like the Fool Jesus and the Fool of Tarot, I stepped into a miracle.

The undergrads erupted into applause. They followed up with thoughtful questions and lively, positive discussion. The professor took me aside after class to tell me that he wished he had scheduled my presentation first, “to raise the bar for the other students.”

And he then invited me to assist him in teaching a class period devoted to Dance in Worship.

The Unseen Support had risen to uphold my stepping feet and send me onto a path of affirmation, validation, and soul-deep JOY.

I’ve done a lot more Following That Fool and Stepping Off Edges since then. I have to say, it doesn’t necessarily get easier. But the Universe and my Guidance now have a well-established track record of Unseen Support Made Manifest–though only AFTER my foot goes off the edge…

So on April 1 especially, I invite you to look again at The Fool.

Do you still see what conditioned, conventional “wisdom” sees–a blithering idiot headed for disaster? That says you’re stuck, peering through the lenses of FEAR.

Ask the Universe to swap out those old specs for the sparkling new lenses of FAITH, and you’ll see a blessed adventurer headed for miracles.

Follow That Fool! Miracles Ahead....

Follow That Fool! Miracles Ahead….

Now, take that deep, cleansing breath of Trust and then–just STEP…

And tell me–right here in the comments!–what miracles rise up to meet YOU.


Feeling the Embrace of Divine Darkness

The Solstice with its longest night–and this whole season of More-Night-Than-Day–is a time that we have been conditioned to fear and resist. Our instincts tell us we’re vulnerable to what we “can’t see,” and because we’ve neglected the psychic/spiritual senses that could allow us to “see” and therefore be safe in any circumstances, we have created an enormous culture of Dark-Avoidance.

We’ve made some real beauty out of our insistence on “light in the darkness.” The candles and holiday lights twinkling inside and outside our homes are often truly inspiring to see. My daughter and I walked the Solstice Stroll at Kruckeberg Gardens yesterday evening, and the light sculptures woven through the trees and shrubs were lovely, even ethereal, gently uplifting to our souls.

But we were both very aware that what made those lights so very lovely was the velvety “blackdrop” of the night that surrounded them. And we allowed ourselves to be enfolded by the stillness, the serenity, the deeply Divine embrace of that velvety Darkness as a beauty of Its own, a gift in and of Itself.

And what if you could simply, trustingly, surrender to the soothing embrace of Divine Darkness? What if you could allow yourself to fully feel the healing power within the “peace and quiet” of the long nights of this season?

In fact, what if this whole season is an invitation from the Divine to experience the deep messages from this tender, nurturing Stillness that can only be perceived when you turn off the busy brightness of manufactured light? What if, by surrendering to the quiet embrace and healing of the Divine Darkness, you replenish your own inner Light?

The Divine Darkness is, in a very profound sense, like a womb of rebirth for us all, and just as many people celebrate one wondrous Birth at this time of year, you can also experience the power of your own soul’s rebirth now–IF you allow yourself to fully relax into the darkness, both physically and spiritually, and receive the renewal that awaits you there.

As you surrender, and open the gifts of the Divine Darkness, I would love to hear what you receive from this other side of Divinity. These gifts are to be shared, and just as I love sharing mine with you, I also love receiving your gifts of insight and transformation! I look forward to how we’ll enrich each other in our journey through this season of Divine Darkness….

Velvety Dark Divine Blessings,

Your Unboxed Oracle

Inscribed and Sealed

sealed-inscriptionIt seems that several of our calendars–astrological, Christian, Jewish–are converging on a common theme just now, one that is significant to spiritually conscious people.

Astrological: Mercury Retrograde, with its invitation (well, actually, insistence) on “taking a step back” to pause, reflect, and re-examine both inner and outer issues before moving forward into the next phase of the cosmic journey.

Christian: October, which ushers in “the beginning of the end” of the year. Themes of harvest, death and life cycles (the underlying meaning of Halloween), and the need to bring the year to a satisfying close–these also prompt reflection, self-examination and re-ordering of priorities.

Jewish: The Ten Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) are dedicated to introspection, reflection, and self-examination–reviewing the year behind and committing to the year ahead.

The common theme: Go Inward Before You Go Forward.

All three spiritual perspectives are calling us to take time to pause and look within–so we can learn from and release the past, re-examine and clarify the present, and rededicate our energies to creating a fulfilling future.

As I was reading more about Rosh Hashanah, I found myself deeply moved by the traditional Hebrew greeting for the New Year.

The Hebrew sentence: L’shana tova tikateiv u’t’chateim

(Even sounding this out reached into some unfathomed place in my soul–perhaps somehow I did know this language from another lifetime.)

And the translation: May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

I understood the traditional meaning to be the wish for God to write you and seal you into the Book of Life–and this created in me a sense of spiritual protection and nurture that most certainly make the foundation for a fulfilling year!

But, from my personal experience of Divine energy and of us as beings made of patterns of energy, I received a new meaning as well.

“Inscribed and sealed” suddenly gave me a clear visual impression of the Divine personally inscribing ME–writing new energy codes into my fields, repatterning the energy of my soul, writing my True Self into fuller existence. And then sealing this inscription–setting it and protecting it as I learned to live what had been written.

Inscribed with love, sealed with power–the balance of Divine energy perfectly expressed in this ancient Hebrew greeting, which is also a blessing,

And it is a blessing I lovingly offer to you, as you go inward to receive your own inscriptions, and then go forward sealed with the power to live what the Divine has written for you.

L’shana tova tikateiv u’t’chateim–May YOU be inscribed and sealed for a good year!

The Healing Space Between




I’ve been following, and talking about, and LIVING, the recent 3-month SuperMoon cycles and their energetic effects. For a bit of review, see my website post.

The SuperMoon “pull up and stir” of old emotions was pretty wild for me–made it a little difficult to take my own advice and “enjoy the energies” :/

It felt to me like a tractor beam pulling up all kinds of flotsam and jetsam from the bottom of my subconscious–old memories, old emotional “triggers” for fear and grief. It was a big bunch of energetic YUCK and chaos, and it took a lot of work with my spiritual tools and outside support to process the intense feelings and keep myself (sort of) peaceful.

I hope you did as well or better in navigating the turbulence and high tides of the SuperMoons! And now, for a little breathing space and healing space….

[Pause HERE to relax and breathe a moment]

…because next comes the infamous Mercury Retrograde!

(The Pre-Retrograde Shadow started 9/14, so we’re already easing into the Retrograde period, which starts October 4.)

Let me just say here that while I am NOT an astrologer, I have learned through some tough experiences that I truly need to pay attention to astrological cycles and their large-scale energy patterns, because when I DIDN’T pay attention, I went clunking and crashing through them, which felt really bad and caused me a lot of unnecessary stress. So I’m sharing this hard-earned wisdom with you to help you flow instead of clunk 😉

This site gives a clear and very helpful overview of the whole Retrograde cycle and its personal applications.

Mercury Retrograde is actually a beautifully logical follow-up to the SuperMoon cycles. The SuperMoons dredged up much of our “shadow” material and strewed it about, exposed and messy, all over our inner landscapes and daily lives. Now, Mercury Retrograde invites us to truly examine this messy stuff and release/clear all that can be cleaned up this time around–so we can replace the mess with Divine order. Sort of like “cleanliness makes room for godliness.”

Remember, these are CYCLES here, so we are not expected to reach total pristine purity after any one of them. Rather, we are to spiral upward with each cycle, examining and cleaning up whatever aspects of our “messes” are most exposed each time.

So these next couple of weeks are a sort of healing space between the two cycles, a time to both rest/reflect AND begin some inner cleanup work. I’ll be sharing some processes to help you in self-care, as well as offering my support in special ways through my services.

Here’s to flowing and not clunking through this next cycle!

The 2014 SuperMoons–Enjoy the Energies!

I always love getting energy/spirit news from alert subscribers, and the August SuperMoon prompted two of them to notify me of the energetic and astrological significance of this unique Moon moment.

Since I’m not an astronomer, I really like learning more about the planets so I understand what I’m seeing. Click here for some astronomical info on the SuperMoons of summer 2014.

AND, since I’m also not an astrologer, I especially appreciate astrological insights from subscribers or others on the energetic implications of planetary movement and activity. Click here for several astrologers’ interpretations on The August SuperMoon.

As always, stay open to the insights of others, but listen most attentively to your OWN inner promptings and knowings about what this SuperMoon energy is meant to bring to you.

Often, a full moon energy activates and empowers culminations–which can mean releases of what is old, stagnant or toxic, AND/OR completions and manifestations of what has been waiting to emerge. This would be “supercharged” by the SuperMoon, so if you are sensitive you will feel a sort of “gravitational pull” (like a tide!) toward either releasing the old or finishing something new. Plus, you may also be feeling extra “stirred up” by emotions or memories that trigger you into either releasing old energies or completing an energetic/spiritual task.

I’m definitely in “release” mode–some very old, very toxic early childhood conditioning that keeps me feeling constantly afraid that I am “failing” somehow (either not doing enough good stuff or doing something “wrong”) has come up to my awareness to process and really, truly LET GO of so I can act from my inner spiritual truth instead of my family programming. So I’ll be doing some very specific inner work–including Soul Contract Revision, Karma Clearing,  Akashic Record review, and some focused Tarot readings along with my usual detoxing procedures! Can’t wait to see what I find I REALLY believe after this! 😀

So what can YOU do to best harmonize with and enjoy this SuperMoon?

1. Go out and SEE it! 🙂 It will truly look spectacular–I got some views yesterday over the Seattle skyline that were breathtaking. Putting your attention and appreciation on the Moon helps reconnect you with the wonders of Nature and our Earth, which can open your heart to greater gratitude, appreciation, peace, and joy.

2. Get quiet and ask yourself, “What do I need to release or complete at this time?” Then make it an emotional and physical priority to follow through on what you receive.

3. Share what you learn/do with family, friends, or ME! 🙂 This helps you anchor the energies and continue to follow through to manifest your spiritual growth into physical reality.

4. Be aware that these energies do NOT end tonight! They carry on for at least two more weeks, and some astrologers are indicating that the full “culmination” aspects will actually show up in about 6 months. So keep tuning in and following through, and you may be amazed at what you and the SuperMoons of 2014 create together.

SuperBlessings to You 🙂 !

Loving and Letting Go–Lessons from a Fur Angel


A Sunny-style hug in “lap lounging” position

It’s hard to believe that just  a few short weeks ago, we held Sunny for the last time and said our final farewells as he journeyed out of this physical life. I am sharing a bit of our story and the lessons he left us on loving and letting go, as a tribute to our truly remarkable feline “fur angel.”

Sunny came to us 10 years ago as a direct answer to the most specific request we’d ever made to the Universe: we asked for a golden boy cat who would love us all. And two weeks later, he showed up, literally, on our doorstep, an abandoned, sick little kitten who was tenderly nursed back to health by my daughter, Angela. This forged a truly extraordinary bond between them—though, just as we had asked, Sunny unreservedly loved us all.

For Angela, Sunny became her constant, truest friend for over a decade—a painful and turbulent decade for her in many ways. But through it all, Sunny was just Always There—by her side, on her lap, draped over her shoulder, stretched next to her in bed, brushing against her legs, sitting on her feet, wrapping his tail around her knees, patting her face with his paw. Even just gazing earnestly at her, as he had been doing a lot more in recent times, he absolutely radiated Love—it was visible and palpable. He was, truly, Divine Love incarnate for her–and  for us all, including our other cats.

Kitties 011 At 10 years old, he had slowed down considerably from his younger wall-jumping and Angela-chasing bursts of kitty craziness. He was, instead, an unabashed foodie and ultimate Zen master of the art of lounging–on the floor where he blended exquisitely with the golden hardwood, in “my” chair (really his own kingly throne), across a full half of the couch,

100_4107 Critters 002 Critters 091DSCF0242and most especially, settling into Angela’s lap JUST as she was about to get up to go do something that he obviously considered completely unnecessary and irrelevant.

“What’s your rush?” he seemed to ask. “Let’s just BE together for awhile….” And she would inevitably melt and just BE with him for awhile, lounging, actively cuddling, or sometimes playfighting, as the energy level dictated. And all those “awhiles” blended into a decade-long string of golden Sunny moments that we thought would never end….

Until the fateful October morning when he settled onto our rug and GAZED at me, as he had once before when he had a special message to convey. That first time, I got the meaning “I’M WITH YOU” when we’d contemplated moving to another state and wondered if he’d be better off with friends. This time, it felt different–something I simply couldn’t take in right then, something that sounded like, “THIS IS IT…”

That afternoon, he failed to make an appearance when treats were distributed–an utterly unprecedented event for our resident gourmet. Huddled on Angela’s bed, he was listless and seemed feverish. And so we rushed off with him into the Twilight Zone of all-night vets and hospitals and tests that kept coming out negative for days. There was a brief respite early on, when the fever abated and we had him home for one more “normal” night and got our final photo of him Zen-lounging on Angela’s shoes–a last golden moment at home.


But that same day he stopped eating and drinking again and we re-entered the Twilight Zone at 4 am, at a different vet hospital. There he was finally diagnosed–pancreatitis, they said. We see it all the time, they said. The prognosis is usually very good, they said.

But not this time. Complications kept arising, and information seemed always to be too little, too late. After days of downward spiral, the vet offered only two options: a risky and painful surgery, or euthanasia.

And so we went to him for what would be our final golden Sunny moments. One more earnest GAZE that said, “ALL I WANT NOW IS TO GO PEACEFULLY, WITH YOU AND LOVING YOU TO THE END.” Our acceptance of that message. The final snuggles, strokes, loving words of gratitude for the gift he had been to us for ten amazing, wonderful years. We felt, even in our pain, a sort of supreme spiritual clarity that allowed time to stretch so that we could express and receive all the love that was meant for us in those last brief moments. There was, somehow, a deep sense of completion and satisfaction within us all.

When the vet came in to administer the final injection, Sunny slowly, deliberately turned in Angela’s lap so his face was cuddled up to her right side–that way his back was to the vet and the hospital tubes were not visible, so we could see him at the end as the Sunny we remembered. He laid his head on Angela’s hand, and relaxed into sleep and into his passing. It was indeed peaceful and just what he wanted–our hands holding him, our love surrounding him, to the very end. I sensed the silver cord connecting soul to body dissolve, and as his soul soared upward I could swear I heard singing and saw him somehow SHIFT into a form still golden, but more angel than feline.

His pain was over; ours was intensified. Letting go of all that Sunny had been to us–a unique and fascinating friend, a beloved family member, and a true source of radiant, unconditional Love wrapped in velvety golden fur–it ripped our hearts open as we had never experienced before. Not even my divorce had hurt like this. It felt like what Emily Dickinson wrote, “There is a pain–so utter–it swallows substance up….”  We were both swallowed up, for a time. We are making our journey back, day by day, helped by family and friends.

Now we can better absorb and relay some of what Sunny had been teaching us about life, love, and letting go:

1. Savor ALL the joys of embodiment–food 🙂 , physical touch, the outdoors, good long stretches, zesty activity, utter repose. Being physical is truly a magnificent and all-too-brief experience and is meant to be treasured, golden moment by golden moment.

2. Lounge more with those you love. There is no substitute for simply, fully, BEING with one whose love you share. Talk is optional, snuggling is not.

3. Pay attention to ALL inner prompts to express love. We are so thankful we listened to the still small voices that urged us, “Get his favorite food this week…play that paper bag game again…take a few more pictures…cuddle up just a bit longer…play now, work later…” Especially that last one.

0044. Be fully present when it is time to let go. Feel everything, honor everything, including accepting the ache of missing a beloved embodied form, and allowing  that ache to soften by opening to Love in other forms.

But if you’d like to know the largest lesson Sunny taught us about Love, you can find it written hereon the page my sister created as a memorial fund to honor Sunny’s life and our final days of caring for him. If you  feel an inner prompt, perhaps from a special fur friend of your own, to share in this fund to honor Sunny, please know that this Love shared is Love multiplied and will ripple back to you in yet more forms. And if you sense a certain golden glow around you afterwards, that would be Sunny’s heart and ours sending hugs and thanks to you. And, of course, more Love.

Tiny True Tales of Transformation, Part One

Photo credit: commons-wikimedia-org.jpg

Photo credit:

As promised in my previous post, I’m going to tell you a few of the remarkable experiences I’ve shared with my clients in sessions over the past two years–experiences that took us to “undiscovered countries” in realms beyond the ordinary. So get comfortable (perhaps with your beverage of choice) and prepare to enjoy this first installment of “Tiny Tales of Transformation”–short and juicy, and totally true….

Oh, just a couple of notes before we begin:

1. Identifying details for clients have been altered to protect privacy, but the actual events and outcomes are described exactly as they occurred.

2. These events involve dealing with aspects of life that I describe as “a different kind of real.” You’ll see what I mean. And it will help if you remind yourself to do as the Rilke quote at the end of the prior post advised: be willing to embrace the inexplicable.


A Phobia Released

Helen was a published author whose latest book was enjoying remarkable success. She was being invited to speak and teach about her work, and she was passionate about sharing her message. But she had a deep, lifelong fear that threatened to shut down her success: she was afraid of people. As a species. As if she were a different kind of being from them.

Exposure to people in groups, and especially speaking in front of them, triggered in her a sense that her very life was in danger. And though she had sought help through counseling and psychotherapy, the fear persisted and she knew it HAD to go if she were to stay on her chosen path as a visionary author and speaker.

Helen was both highly intelligent and highly spiritual, open to seeking insight and healing through energy work and metaphysical methods. When I suggested that the roots of her fear might be uncovered through inquiry into her Akashic Records, she readily agreed. And together we learned about a trauma she had experienced long ago and VERY far away.

In that lifetime, she was one of a non-human race that was advanced and peaceful, sharing a planet with humanoid beings. However, the humanoids started a war, and Helen’s people were mercilessly hunted, tortured and slaughtered in the process. She personally endured torture and death, and the trauma had created a soul imprint that echoed on into her current lifetime as a human (which she chose partly in order to find resolution to this very issue).

While this story surprised me, to Helen it rang true at a deep level. And so we entered the healing process. I guided Helen into a meditation to meet with the soul of the humanoid who had been responsible for her suffering. This being expressed deep and sincere regret for what had happened, and Helen was willing to forgive and release him from the guilt and shame he bore for his conduct. For both of them, soul wounds were healed. Next, we needed to clear the energetic tangles caused by Helen’s trauma and its replay in subsequent lifetimes, replacing them with the energy patterns of her original soul blueprint. I was guided to use sacred sound in the form of Tibetan bowls and specific tuning forks. Helen was astonished at how the patterns of sound created a profound sense of peace and reharmonizing within her. And at the end of the session, she reported that her fear was completely gone! She has never felt it again, even when she was presented with a major award for her book and had to give an acceptance speech in front of a very large crowd. She is thriving in her career, and enjoys social gatherings for the first time in her life.

Sciatica Pain Relieved

Jerry was desperate. He had injured his back doing yard work, triggering sciatica pain down his left leg that was intense and relentless. He couldn’t sit, stand, walk or sleep in comfort. He was seeing a doctor and a naprapath, but was ready to explore any and all possibilities that could offer more immediate pain relief. As a musician and a deeply spiritual man, he was open to the idea that sacred sound could have healing effects on the body, so we set up a series of three sound healing sessions with the understanding that this would complement, not replace, his other treatment plans.

I brought my Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a selection of crystals (which, I have found, tend to act as both amplifiers and filters of the fields of healing sound, conducting the most beneficial healing frequencies directly into the body). I had Jerry lie on his couch, and I placed crystals on his torso, in his hands, and on his left hip. Jerry remarked that the crystals in his hands felt warm almost immediately, warmer than his hand temperature. I had him relax, close his eyes, and simply receive the sound.

Tibetan bowls create subtle yet powerful fields of sound frequencies, individually and especially in groups. When I play them, I exercise no conscious control over which bowl to strike in what order. I simply allow the Divine to play through me, and often it does truly feel like healing PLAY–loving and joyful. As the bowls resonated throughout the room, Jerry’s body twitched a few times, and he seemed to relax more deeply.

After the bowls, I finished the healing with tuning forks. The tones of the forks brought a faint, blissful smile to Jerry’s lips. When I felt everything was complete, I guided Jerry back to a wakeful state. He opened his eyes and excitedly told me he’d had some remarkable visions, along with sensations of energy leaving his body, through the crystals and also shooting up and out of his head. Then he sat up, his eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “And now, for the first time, I am PAIN FREE!” He slept soundly that night, too.

Jerry’s body did need time to completely heal, even after that dramatic breakthrough. He continued to follow his doctor’s and naprapath’s instructions along with the sound healing treatments, and progressed with amazing rapidity. His sciatica pain was gone for good after only three weeks, abouthalf the typical recovery time. Jerry and I both acknowledge that relieving his sciatica was a team effort. But he is also quick to add that the sound healing sessions did an amazing job at accelerating his healing process.

Tune in next time for the tales of:

A Lost Soul Rescued


A Mysterious Device Removed

Plus bonus example of “Office Aikido”! Until then, remember to keep embracing the inexplicable….

Freedom FROM…and Freedom TO…


It’s the evening of July 4th, and I’m hearing fireworks go off outside my window. My cats are disgruntled by the disturbing random noises and retreat to the bedroom in silent protest. But in my mind, the snaps, pops and BOOMS are overlaid with a sense of exuberance and exultation, for to me they are the sounds of Freedom, CELEBRATED.

On the 4th of July in the US, we are all reminded of the value of Freedom. While I am truly thankful for the political and religious freedom present in our country today, my deepest gratitude is for the spiritual freedom I see unfolding and expanding not only in myself, but in you, my readers.

No matter how you are feeling about our country’s political, economic or religious situation, you have much to celebrate about the spiritual freedom you have achieved at this point in your life!

Take a moment to honor and appreciate your current freedom FROM:

*a negative hastrugglebit or pattern of thought,

*an injury or illness,

*an unhealthy relationship,

*an unpleasant job,

*an unsuitable home

*ANYTHING you have been able to release from your life that is no longer burdening you!

And also allow yourself for a moment to savor your freedom TO:

*develop a positive habit or thought pattern

*reclaim a higher leOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvel of  physical well-being

*call in a new, joyful relationship

*pursue a spiritually fulfilling vocation

*seek and find a home that is a true sanctuary

*AND fill yourself with joyful, life-affirming energy that creates a better reality for you in each moment!

To me, freedom means expansiveness–the gift of becoming more and more fully who you came here to be, of doing what you came here to do, and of having what you came here to have.

free and joyful

I consider it my joy and privilege to assist you in unfolding your own expansive freedom to live out loud and THRIVE!

Soul Snack: A Poetry Tidbit


“Earth’s crammed with heaven,

And every common bush afire with God,

But only those who see take off their shoes…”

~~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Mmmmm! I savored these lines as I remembered the bushes in my own neighborhood bursting into bloom–after what seemed an overextended and deeply dreary late winter. I truly felt the fiery life force of God within them shooting out into blazes of blossoms! And I wanted to revisit that moment of awakening, even as spring turned to summer.
And so, I invite you to find such a bush–on this page, in a park, or within your own inner landscape–and then, to take off your shoes and savor a soul snack of your own….

              flowering bush white

lilac bush

flowering bushes anderson gardens flowering bush and bench

Love and Power–A Dance of Divine Duality

As an intuitive healer, I offer my email subscribers the gift of a monthly distant energy healing. The hour I spend in transmitting Divine healing energy is often a profound experience for me, as well as for those who receive the energy. The April 7 session was particularly significant, as I felt much stronger sensations of energy transmitting and also received a clear, downloaded message from Spirit about  love and power. Below is what I shared with my subscribers after the healing.

“A theme often emerges in a group healing session, and this time the focus was EMPOWERED LOVE. I was led to use several of my rose quartz crystals in a grid pattern during the session, along with blue calcite, my crystal skulls, black tourmaline and a particularly powerful Phantom Quartz. This created quite a synergy of love, power and cleansing during the session. I received a specific message during the energy transmission as well:

Love without power is cloying and codependent; power without love is voracious and vicious. Yet, when operating in balance and union, they interweave like strands of DNA, encoding the very nature of Divine Spirit into our beings.

The Spiral Dance of Love and Power

Love brings gentleness to power, while power brings vigor to love. So the two harmonize, dance and swirl within each of us, creating a blend uniquely suited to our own vibrational presence and purpose. Some of you operate with a higher proportion of power, some with a greater portion of love. But only TOGETHER can they fully express the Divine within and through you. Know, honor and appreciate your own personal mix of Love and Power, and let your Empowered Love be fully expressed in your life, with Joy!”

Love and Power, Light and Dark–inseparable in the Divine, intertwined in us. Divine Duality Dancing. May you be swept up into the rhythm and discover your own spiral dance of Spirit!

Would you like to receive Divine healing energies each month to free your soul and energize your body? Click here for information on becoming an email subscriber of the Unboxed Oracle! Privacy is protected and benefits include a monthly newsletter with practical energy healing tips plus the free monthly distant healing. I would be honored to add you to our energized circle!