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GUEST POST: On Perceiving Our “Unseen Neighbors”

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What I know for sure, after my spiritual awakening, is that the physically visible world is just “the tip of the iceberg” of many levels of Reality.  We were never meant to exist on or sense only the physical plane. We were born with what I call “dual sensory systems”–physical senses and psychic/spiritual senses–so that we could navigate these multiple levels and realms of Reality with ease and safety.

Depending on our purpose and preferences, we access our psychic senses to a greater or lesser degree. People engaged in highly physical professions such as athletes, hairdressers, gardeners, etc, might choose to access their psychic senses less or only for very specific purposes (tuning in to guidance for best job performance or answers to problems). People in pursuits that are more intellectual or spiritual would have need for greater psychic training, skills, and access in order to best serve their purposes of teaching or guiding other people in academic, psychological, or spiritual concerns.

Whatever our work or interests, though, we cannot escape the fact that we live alongside Others–beings who are unseen but NOT unreal, invisible but NOT imaginary. And these Others, our Unseen Neighbors, can have very real, positive or negative effects on our physical lives.

Much of my work is helping people who’ve gotten on the wrong side of their Unseen Neighbors for one reason or another. I clear the spiritual and energetic interference that’s been created, and in many cases I also seem to be clearing the misunderstandings and pain that created the original clash between human and non-human beings. I feel honored to serve as a sort of “ambassador of goodwill” between humans and Others, helping both sides to live in harmony and make life better all around!

I’ll be sharing more about our Unseen Neighbors, plus doing live readings and scans along with an attunement for spiritual protection, on the JUNE 19 episode of The Paranormal MD Radio Show. If you sense that your Unseen Neighbors are NOT your Unseen Friends, I’ll be offering tips and assistance to change that. If you tune in live, you could get a personal reading or even win a F*REE Home and Property Clearing from me (a $90 value on my website)! I hope to “see” you on the air that day. 🙂

Now, another point of view on this topic. The following article is by a woman I admire, who has spent years in research and field activity with the paranormal. She’s an expert on the Djinn, a particular kind of Other who can make particularly nasty Unseen Neighbors when provoked. I appreciate her reasoned and well-articulated perspective, and I hope you will, too. Enjoy, and leave a comment to let me know what you thought!


By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
c. Visionary Living, Inc.

I was prompted to put together this article from an email I received in which a man asked “how someone would learn to perceive Djinn.” He said he didn’t want to make contact with or summon them, but thought that being able to see them “might help in preventing unfriendly encounters.”

The realms of spirits, the dead and other beings who share the planet with us are invisible most of the time. They exist alongside us, but unless we have spontaneous experiences or develop our psychic ability, we are not likely to know they are there.

Everyone is born with innate psychic ability and has the capability of developing and enhancing it. This faculty is not equal in all persons; some are naturally gifted to perceive the spirit world in extraordinary detail, while others have to work at it. Some people have to learn how to shut out the spirit world so that it does not intrude upon them. Others have to learn how to open up so that they can experience it.

“Seeing” spirits and beings, a faculty called clairvoyance or “clear seeing,” does not operate the same in all people. Some see the unseen like they see physical reality, while others get mental impressions. Some get a combination – they “see” in two levels at once. Others see little to nothing, but might “hear” spirit voices (usually as mental impressions) or have a distinct sense of “feeling” or “knowing” presences around them.

Many people have spontaneous encounters with the spirit world without seeking them out, and sometimes those experiences are unsettling in one way or another. They may not be negative experiences per se, but they cause a person to question and reevaluate their beliefs. Other people desire to have experiences with the spirit world.

There are many training options for developing the psychic faculty. Formal, structured training is advantageous, because it will teach a person how to open up, perceive and evaluate, and close down – it is important to have strong boundaries in place.

Classes in intuitive/psychic development and remote viewing (a more recent term for clairvoyance) are taught everywhere. Energy healing, such as Reiki, will also enhance the psychic faculty, as will study in shamanism, meditation, and magical/occult traditions and practices. Paranormal investigation enhances psychic ability, provided a person is not overly reliant upon equipment.

Once the psychic door is opened, it does not close, for your awareness has expanded into a broader level. Literally, the genie does not go back in the bottle. So, be careful what you ask for and seek. Learn how to stay in control.

Once the psychic door is opened, you are not going to be limited to perceiving just one or two things on your preferred short list. If you only want to see Djinn, for example, you may or may not perceive them – but you will perceive a host of things that are now revealed on your inner radar. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and a whole lot of them fall into the ambiguous middle.

Developing the psychic faculty is like turning on a light on the astral plane. A variety of beings will see it and some will respond. What you encounter will depend on 1) the level of your ability (the more practiced you are, the more you will see); 2) your intentions and purposes in engaging with the spirit world; and 3) the interest and motives of the spirits and beings who choose to engage with you. Beings that are known for their interference, such as demons and Djinn, in general do not bother people without cause.

Developing psychic ability to perceive the spirit world is an invitation to contact and is, in a sense, a form of summoning. It is not the same as doing a ritual to evoke a spirit or being to carry out a purpose, but nonetheless it opens the door. Thus, this is not an activity for idle curiosity. Any fear within you will attract exactly what you fear. If your purpose is only to avoid potential unfriendly spirit/entity encounters, something you greatly fear, you will probably attract some entities in the mix who will give you unfriendly encounters.

Not everyone experiences dark side entities – but, if you actively seek out the spirit world, you must be prepared for all possibilities. It’s a bit like learning to drive on the freeway: the potential exists for accidents, but if you practice safe driving, you may go your entire life without so much as a fender bender.

We live on an interdimensional planet shared by a variety of spirits and beings. The boundaries between dimensions are opening up, and we are heading toward a new reality in which we will coexist with our now largely invisible neighbors. How long it will take for this shift to happen is unknown. It may be far in the future — but the process has started now. A pragmatic approach to the spirit realms can be of benefit not only to individual life and spiritual paths, but to the collective advancement as well.

However, psychic work and experience can be destabilizing even under the best of circumstances. At present, not everyone is well suited to a high level of engagement. Know yourself and choose wisely.


Fallow Ground–Now Replanting
How my blog felt when I looked at it in September.

Yes, it has been awhile since I cultivated my blog’s ground. Momentous events, personal healing struggles, and even a resistance to writing–all have pulled me away into more inner journeys. I’ve done a lot of personal journaling, but didn’t feel ready to record anything for public view.

I’ll share a secret here. I’ve always had mixed feelings about my own writing. I’ve been really “left brain” most of my life, a better editor of others’ work than creator of my own. When I wrote my own work, it truly was WORK–as in slog and drudgery. I crafted, sculpted, tweaked, agonized over most sentences. The results were usually clear and lucid, occasionally exquisite (if I do say so myself 🙂 ), but at such a personal cost of time and stress that I’d always tell myself after I finally finished a piece, “I’m quitting NOW! This is just too f#*$in’  much WORK!”

But something shifted in me after the healing time, and I found myself waking up in the morning feeling (cautiously) inspired about putting words out for others to read. But I’d just get busy with my day and the inspiration would quietly soak into the fallow ground so it remained, well, fallow. But gradually more fertile.
I guess we’ll find out together!

I’ve written mostly from my mind, and that’s a habit I’ve cultivated from years of academic study and training. It has its strengths, and I am grateful for a good left brain! But since my Great Awakening in 2011, I’ve come to cherish my right brain–experiential, mystical, simply alive in the present. And I’ve also come to realize that writing from Spirit, which is my real goal, is even more about heart than brain. I’m getting a sense that coming from my heart will actually make writing easier, and definitely more joyful. And probably more fun to read, too.

So I’ll be planting more heart seeds in this blog’s ground, and we’ll see what sprouts! I imagine there will still be a lot of left-brain editing (weeding?) happening–kind of unavoidable for me–but I intend to have a lot more fun letting Spirit flow through my heart and into the words.

My friends in the Fae realm gave me a little chant to help me remember the difference:

“Slow slow struggle struggle slowstruggleSLOG!

Flow flow loving loving flowlovingFUN!”

Okay.  That seems pretty clear. Ready to practice now  🙂

Balance: It’s Like Surfing, not Stillness

Ah, the zest of dynamic balance!

When I thought about “balance,” it usually involved symmetry and always meant holding still (as in yoga postures).  Even spiritually, balance seemed to be some kind of ideal stopping place that once achieved, must simply be HELD, for any further movement risked losing balance and maybe even FALLING (from grace!).

But the Fae knew better and gave me a lesson–a fun one, naturally!–in the dynamism of balance last week in the forest.

They guided me (by inner voices) down a narrow path along a creek, and directed me to a spot where a weathered board was laid over a raised tree root. “Hop on!” they urged.  “See if you can keep both ends off the ground!”

So I did get on, and found that was quite a challenge!  The old Susan would have been VERY EARNEST and gotten VERY UPSET with how often a board end bumped down onto the path–was I such a total failure at such a simple task?!  But the new improved Susan (who likes feeling age 5 better than 50+) was more giggly than grieved.  And as I dipped and tilted and swayed, I discovered not only some physical skills but also some spiritual insights about balance.

First, the farther you are at either extreme, the more work it is to get and stay balanced.  When my feet were spread wide, I really had to struggle not to clunk the board down.  But when I positioned my feet just a LITTLE on either side of the center spot, it took virtually no effort to adjust the board’s position to “float” above the ground.  Too close to center, and I couldn’t get anywhere; too far away, and I was wildly unstable.   “You see?”  the Fae commented.  “If you’re far over to an extreme in your beliefs or attitudes, you can easily be “clunked down” into negative emotions or reactions.  But if you give yourself a LITTLE room on either side of what you see as center, you can make adjustments with minimal effort.  And it’s more FUN!”

Second, balance is always shifting, not static.  “Notice,” the Fae whispered, “even if you hold your muscles perfectly quiet, YOU are still in motion–lungs breathing, heart pumping, blood flowing–and so you must constantly, slightly, alter your stance.  AND there is motion all around you!  Feel the breezes, see the bugs landing on the board, sense the animals tunneling under the ground.  All of THIS affects you and means you must shift, too.  Everything moves, everything changes moment by moment, and to stay balanced means responding to those changes, not holding yourself rigid against them.”

Chaos theory, anyone?  Their point was that stillness, zero point, perfect balance, is fleeting at best, and mostly an illusion!  Whether it’s in nature or our daily lives, true poise–true balance–is all in adjusting and moving and responding with ease and grace to inner and outer shifts.

As the Fae reminded me after I hopped off the board and started back up the path, “If you’re perfectly still, you’re DEAD! (giggle, giggle.)”  So here’s to living balanced in perpetual motion. Surf’s up!  🙂

Oracle Reading for December 20-27

from The Heart of Faerie Oracle Deck by Brian and Wendy Froud

My first encounter with beings from Faerie came a few months after my reiki attunements.  To learn more, I was drawn to Doreen Virtue’s book Healing with the Fairies, which gave me valuable insights and initial understandings, yet left me vaguely unsatisfied.  The fairies she talked with were all so… so… SWEET.  And yet my own experience had shown me a much more complex realm, where beings were not only loving and kind, but could also be mischievous, earthy, wise-cracking, vain, arrogant, and sometimes even malevolent. Faerie, like our own world, encompasses both good AND evil; its inhabitants, like us, are not static but evolving through relationships with one another, with us, with spirits and with the Divine.

As I went deeper into the realm of Faerie, I found myself more drawn to the work of Brian Froud.  His art and writing show Faerie as it is, and when I looked at his books and oracle decks, I recognized truths.  No one person has ALL the truth (about Faerie or anything else!), but Brian’s work reveals more facets of truth than I’ve seen elsewhere.

All this to say that when I sought an image for the oracle message for December 20-27, I was guided to The Queen of Passage from The Heart of Faerie.  As we pass through the darkness of winter, the end of the year, and the end of an age (by the Mayan calendar), this great queen offers help to change from one phase to another, to let go and move on.

This time of year brings forth memories of holidays past, of loved ones no longer with us, and of experiences both sweet and bitter from prior months.  All things change, and releasing the past and moving on to a new life, a new love, a new job or just a new viewpoint, can be painful.  But the Queen of Passage sees ahead as keenly as the kestrel flying next to her, holds the wisdom of the raven for counsel, and in her hand is a pomegranate to indicate fertility.  There is a way ahead, to a future of growth and opportunity.

As we step from one way of being to another, in that darkness of passage between past and future, we experience a moment of surrender.  And then the darkness becomes light.  Trust, listen, and then take the step.  The Queen of Passage and many other allies are there to guide you out of your past and into your future.