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Follow That Fool! (He’s headed for a miracle…)

The Fool (classic Rider-Waite style)

The Fool (classic Rider-Waite style)

I’ve never liked the typical April Fool’s Day shenanigans–it always seemed a bit malicious, if not downright cruel, to set up “jokes” at another’s expense.

But I’ve learned to appreciate, and even celebrate, the hidden wisdom of The Fool. And it started when I was, of all things, an older student striving NOT to appear foolish among the young, conservative, and oh-so-wise undergrads at a small, elite Christian college in Tennessee.

The course: Jesus in the Arts.

The culminating project: an interpretation of Jesus, and my response to Jesus, through an artistic medium.

My soul’s choice (over my mind’s protest): dance.

Why? To break my addiction to appearing wise, strong, and “cool.” To declare in a way beyond words my humble, heartfelt embrace of God’s Own Fool and my own inner fool. To allow myself (as I knew the Master Jesus would) to risk criticism, disdain, and possibly horrified rejection by those young, conservative, religiously wise undergrads (liturgical dance was practically an oxymoron around there!).

To really, literally, STEP into the unknown–with no certainty of what would happen next. With only the seed of faith that I was, for some unknown reason, CALLED to do this, for a greater good I could barely perceive. And with the (utterly unseen) support of the One Who called me.

So I prepared, and trusted, and still feared, and finally STEPPED anyway. Imperfectly, but with all I had, I danced my allegiance–handmade FOOL badge slapped over my heart as talisman and proclamation–as Michael Card sang:

So surrender the hunger to say you must know

Have the courage to say, “I believe.”

For the power of paradox opens our eyes,

And blinds those who say they can see…

So we follow God’s Own Fool,

For only the foolish can tell.

Believe the unbelievable,

Come, be a fool as well!

Stepping, as a Fool

Stepping, as a Fool

And, like the Fool Jesus and the Fool of Tarot, I stepped into a miracle.

The undergrads erupted into applause. They followed up with thoughtful questions and lively, positive discussion. The professor took me aside after class to tell me that he wished he had scheduled my presentation first, “to raise the bar for the other students.”

And he then invited me to assist him in teaching a class period devoted to Dance in Worship.

The Unseen Support had risen to uphold my stepping feet and send me onto a path of affirmation, validation, and soul-deep JOY.

I’ve done a lot more Following That Fool and Stepping Off Edges since then. I have to say, it doesn’t necessarily get easier. But the Universe and my Guidance now have a well-established track record of Unseen Support Made Manifest–though only AFTER my foot goes off the edge…

So on April 1 especially, I invite you to look again at The Fool.

Do you still see what conditioned, conventional “wisdom” sees–a blithering idiot headed for disaster? That says you’re stuck, peering through the lenses of FEAR.

Ask the Universe to swap out those old specs for the sparkling new lenses of FAITH, and you’ll see a blessed adventurer headed for miracles.

Follow That Fool! Miracles Ahead....

Follow That Fool! Miracles Ahead….

Now, take that deep, cleansing breath of Trust and then–just STEP…

And tell me–right here in the comments!–what miracles rise up to meet YOU.


Inscribed and Sealed

sealed-inscriptionIt seems that several of our calendars–astrological, Christian, Jewish–are converging on a common theme just now, one that is significant to spiritually conscious people.

Astrological: Mercury Retrograde, with its invitation (well, actually, insistence) on “taking a step back” to pause, reflect, and re-examine both inner and outer issues before moving forward into the next phase of the cosmic journey.

Christian: October, which ushers in “the beginning of the end” of the year. Themes of harvest, death and life cycles (the underlying meaning of Halloween), and the need to bring the year to a satisfying close–these also prompt reflection, self-examination and re-ordering of priorities.

Jewish: The Ten Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) are dedicated to introspection, reflection, and self-examination–reviewing the year behind and committing to the year ahead.

The common theme: Go Inward Before You Go Forward.

All three spiritual perspectives are calling us to take time to pause and look within–so we can learn from and release the past, re-examine and clarify the present, and rededicate our energies to creating a fulfilling future.

As I was reading more about Rosh Hashanah, I found myself deeply moved by the traditional Hebrew greeting for the New Year.

The Hebrew sentence: L’shana tova tikateiv u’t’chateim

(Even sounding this out reached into some unfathomed place in my soul–perhaps somehow I did know this language from another lifetime.)

And the translation: May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

I understood the traditional meaning to be the wish for God to write you and seal you into the Book of Life–and this created in me a sense of spiritual protection and nurture that most certainly make the foundation for a fulfilling year!

But, from my personal experience of Divine energy and of us as beings made of patterns of energy, I received a new meaning as well.

“Inscribed and sealed” suddenly gave me a clear visual impression of the Divine personally inscribing ME–writing new energy codes into my fields, repatterning the energy of my soul, writing my True Self into fuller existence. And then sealing this inscription–setting it and protecting it as I learned to live what had been written.

Inscribed with love, sealed with power–the balance of Divine energy perfectly expressed in this ancient Hebrew greeting, which is also a blessing,

And it is a blessing I lovingly offer to you, as you go inward to receive your own inscriptions, and then go forward sealed with the power to live what the Divine has written for you.

L’shana tova tikateiv u’t’chateim–May YOU be inscribed and sealed for a good year!

The 2014 SuperMoons–Enjoy the Energies!

I always love getting energy/spirit news from alert subscribers, and the August SuperMoon prompted two of them to notify me of the energetic and astrological significance of this unique Moon moment.

Since I’m not an astronomer, I really like learning more about the planets so I understand what I’m seeing. Click here for some astronomical info on the SuperMoons of summer 2014.

AND, since I’m also not an astrologer, I especially appreciate astrological insights from subscribers or others on the energetic implications of planetary movement and activity. Click here for several astrologers’ interpretations on The August SuperMoon.

As always, stay open to the insights of others, but listen most attentively to your OWN inner promptings and knowings about what this SuperMoon energy is meant to bring to you.

Often, a full moon energy activates and empowers culminations–which can mean releases of what is old, stagnant or toxic, AND/OR completions and manifestations of what has been waiting to emerge. This would be “supercharged” by the SuperMoon, so if you are sensitive you will feel a sort of “gravitational pull” (like a tide!) toward either releasing the old or finishing something new. Plus, you may also be feeling extra “stirred up” by emotions or memories that trigger you into either releasing old energies or completing an energetic/spiritual task.

I’m definitely in “release” mode–some very old, very toxic early childhood conditioning that keeps me feeling constantly afraid that I am “failing” somehow (either not doing enough good stuff or doing something “wrong”) has come up to my awareness to process and really, truly LET GO of so I can act from my inner spiritual truth instead of my family programming. So I’ll be doing some very specific inner work–including Soul Contract Revision, Karma Clearing,  Akashic Record review, and some focused Tarot readings along with my usual detoxing procedures! Can’t wait to see what I find I REALLY believe after this! 😀

So what can YOU do to best harmonize with and enjoy this SuperMoon?

1. Go out and SEE it! 🙂 It will truly look spectacular–I got some views yesterday over the Seattle skyline that were breathtaking. Putting your attention and appreciation on the Moon helps reconnect you with the wonders of Nature and our Earth, which can open your heart to greater gratitude, appreciation, peace, and joy.

2. Get quiet and ask yourself, “What do I need to release or complete at this time?” Then make it an emotional and physical priority to follow through on what you receive.

3. Share what you learn/do with family, friends, or ME! 🙂 This helps you anchor the energies and continue to follow through to manifest your spiritual growth into physical reality.

4. Be aware that these energies do NOT end tonight! They carry on for at least two more weeks, and some astrologers are indicating that the full “culmination” aspects will actually show up in about 6 months. So keep tuning in and following through, and you may be amazed at what you and the SuperMoons of 2014 create together.

SuperBlessings to You 🙂 !

A Blessing of Deep Peace

Prayer by Fiona McLead (1855-1905)

Prayer by Fiona McLead (1855-1905)

In turbulent times like these, we can feel beleaguered, buffeted and battered by events and energies swirling around us. The bustle of the holiday season; the ongoing proclamations of global and personal economic collapse, terrorism, war, and crisis in government; the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut on 12/14/12 which have left all of us reeling in shock and grief; the list of man-made traumas seems endless. Add to that the upheavals in nature, and the inevitable cleansing chaos of death and rebirth surrounding the end of an Earth era on 12/21/12–and as it all crashes into our minds along with our own personal struggles, we experience truly formidable challenges to our souls. We can feel overwhelmed, awash in uncertainty, confusion, pain and fear.

And yet, even when the turmoil seems unbearable, there is still, both Within and Beyond us, a place of Deep Peace. Within, it is as close as our next cleansing breath, as we pause to exhale stress and inhale “the flowing air.” Beyond, it is as near as a spiritual song, a glorious piece of art, a loving encounter with an animal companion, a gentle walk on “the quiet earth.”

If you find this Celtic Blessing part of your own way in to Deep Peace, this site offers other lovely scenes and a link to one video where these words are made into spiritual song. I’ve been inspired to create my own personal song from this blessing, and the creating is one way into my own Deep Peace.  Here is another sung version of the blessing that I find refreshing.

Wherever and however we find it, our own place of Deep Peace is always waiting for us, ready to enfold us in a loving embrace. May you enter yours as often as you have need for it in the days ahead.