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GUEST POST: On Perceiving Our “Unseen Neighbors”

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What I know for sure, after my spiritual awakening, is that the physically visible world is just “the tip of the iceberg” of many levels of Reality.  We were never meant to exist on or sense only the physical plane. We were born with what I call “dual sensory systems”–physical senses and psychic/spiritual senses–so that we could navigate these multiple levels and realms of Reality with ease and safety.

Depending on our purpose and preferences, we access our psychic senses to a greater or lesser degree. People engaged in highly physical professions such as athletes, hairdressers, gardeners, etc, might choose to access their psychic senses less or only for very specific purposes (tuning in to guidance for best job performance or answers to problems). People in pursuits that are more intellectual or spiritual would have need for greater psychic training, skills, and access in order to best serve their purposes of teaching or guiding other people in academic, psychological, or spiritual concerns.

Whatever our work or interests, though, we cannot escape the fact that we live alongside Others–beings who are unseen but NOT unreal, invisible but NOT imaginary. And these Others, our Unseen Neighbors, can have very real, positive or negative effects on our physical lives.

Much of my work is helping people who’ve gotten on the wrong side of their Unseen Neighbors for one reason or another. I clear the spiritual and energetic interference that’s been created, and in many cases I also seem to be clearing the misunderstandings and pain that created the original clash between human and non-human beings. I feel honored to serve as a sort of “ambassador of goodwill” between humans and Others, helping both sides to live in harmony and make life better all around!

I’ll be sharing more about our Unseen Neighbors, plus doing live readings and scans along with an attunement for spiritual protection, on the JUNE 19 episode of The Paranormal MD Radio Show. If you sense that your Unseen Neighbors are NOT your Unseen Friends, I’ll be offering tips and assistance to change that. If you tune in live, you could get a personal reading or even win a F*REE Home and Property Clearing from me (a $90 value on my website)! I hope to “see” you on the air that day. 🙂

Now, another point of view on this topic. The following article is by a woman I admire, who has spent years in research and field activity with the paranormal. She’s an expert on the Djinn, a particular kind of Other who can make particularly nasty Unseen Neighbors when provoked. I appreciate her reasoned and well-articulated perspective, and I hope you will, too. Enjoy, and leave a comment to let me know what you thought!


By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
c. Visionary Living, Inc.

I was prompted to put together this article from an email I received in which a man asked “how someone would learn to perceive Djinn.” He said he didn’t want to make contact with or summon them, but thought that being able to see them “might help in preventing unfriendly encounters.”

The realms of spirits, the dead and other beings who share the planet with us are invisible most of the time. They exist alongside us, but unless we have spontaneous experiences or develop our psychic ability, we are not likely to know they are there.

Everyone is born with innate psychic ability and has the capability of developing and enhancing it. This faculty is not equal in all persons; some are naturally gifted to perceive the spirit world in extraordinary detail, while others have to work at it. Some people have to learn how to shut out the spirit world so that it does not intrude upon them. Others have to learn how to open up so that they can experience it.

“Seeing” spirits and beings, a faculty called clairvoyance or “clear seeing,” does not operate the same in all people. Some see the unseen like they see physical reality, while others get mental impressions. Some get a combination – they “see” in two levels at once. Others see little to nothing, but might “hear” spirit voices (usually as mental impressions) or have a distinct sense of “feeling” or “knowing” presences around them.

Many people have spontaneous encounters with the spirit world without seeking them out, and sometimes those experiences are unsettling in one way or another. They may not be negative experiences per se, but they cause a person to question and reevaluate their beliefs. Other people desire to have experiences with the spirit world.

There are many training options for developing the psychic faculty. Formal, structured training is advantageous, because it will teach a person how to open up, perceive and evaluate, and close down – it is important to have strong boundaries in place.

Classes in intuitive/psychic development and remote viewing (a more recent term for clairvoyance) are taught everywhere. Energy healing, such as Reiki, will also enhance the psychic faculty, as will study in shamanism, meditation, and magical/occult traditions and practices. Paranormal investigation enhances psychic ability, provided a person is not overly reliant upon equipment.

Once the psychic door is opened, it does not close, for your awareness has expanded into a broader level. Literally, the genie does not go back in the bottle. So, be careful what you ask for and seek. Learn how to stay in control.

Once the psychic door is opened, you are not going to be limited to perceiving just one or two things on your preferred short list. If you only want to see Djinn, for example, you may or may not perceive them – but you will perceive a host of things that are now revealed on your inner radar. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and a whole lot of them fall into the ambiguous middle.

Developing the psychic faculty is like turning on a light on the astral plane. A variety of beings will see it and some will respond. What you encounter will depend on 1) the level of your ability (the more practiced you are, the more you will see); 2) your intentions and purposes in engaging with the spirit world; and 3) the interest and motives of the spirits and beings who choose to engage with you. Beings that are known for their interference, such as demons and Djinn, in general do not bother people without cause.

Developing psychic ability to perceive the spirit world is an invitation to contact and is, in a sense, a form of summoning. It is not the same as doing a ritual to evoke a spirit or being to carry out a purpose, but nonetheless it opens the door. Thus, this is not an activity for idle curiosity. Any fear within you will attract exactly what you fear. If your purpose is only to avoid potential unfriendly spirit/entity encounters, something you greatly fear, you will probably attract some entities in the mix who will give you unfriendly encounters.

Not everyone experiences dark side entities – but, if you actively seek out the spirit world, you must be prepared for all possibilities. It’s a bit like learning to drive on the freeway: the potential exists for accidents, but if you practice safe driving, you may go your entire life without so much as a fender bender.

We live on an interdimensional planet shared by a variety of spirits and beings. The boundaries between dimensions are opening up, and we are heading toward a new reality in which we will coexist with our now largely invisible neighbors. How long it will take for this shift to happen is unknown. It may be far in the future — but the process has started now. A pragmatic approach to the spirit realms can be of benefit not only to individual life and spiritual paths, but to the collective advancement as well.

However, psychic work and experience can be destabilizing even under the best of circumstances. At present, not everyone is well suited to a high level of engagement. Know yourself and choose wisely.


More Tiny True Tales of Transformation: Journey into the Paranormal

In our first installment of true client transformation stories, you got a peek at, as I said then, some “different kinds of real.” I hope you are ready to go further in this time! Reach for your trusty metaphysical machete and join me as we hack our way into the jungles of deep woo-woo known as The Paranormal…

A Lost Soul Rescued

Todd just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with his energy lately. He was smart, in a good job, and comfortable with his well-developed psychic abilities. But recently he was aware of some sort of “off” energy around him that felt like a presence watching his every move. He couldn’t get a clear sense of what it was, and it made him uneasy. What finally prompted him to pay me a visit was the fact that he started having frightening dreams of a man at his window who was yelling at him and threatening to force his way inside.

In our session, I asked Todd some questions about when he’d first noticed this energy or presence, and learned that he had lived for a time near the site of a Revolutionary War battlefield. This gave me an idea of what had happened to Todd, so I psychically scanned him and detected an attached entity–an earthbound human soul, or ghost. It appeared to be a young man, a few years younger than Todd. I called in my spirit allies who assist with clearing these beings, and they gently detached him from Todd’s energy fields and contained him in a sphere of Divine energy. Then I was able to safely talk with him and learn a bit of his story.

He was, as I suspected, a soldier who was killed on the battlefield Todd mentioned. He had attached himself to Todd because they were of a similar age, and he had also sensed Todd’s psychic abilities and was trying to communicate. Since he hadn’t been getting through when Todd was awake, he started entering Todd’s dreams and had been shouting in frustration rather than menace! The soldier had been engaged to a young lady before going off to war, and his sudden death had shattered his cherished hopes for love and a happy life. His fiancee had married another, and the soldier’s soul had simply drifted back to the battlefield, forlorn and depressed, unable to move on. He was tired of being stuck on Earth, but needed help and guidance to go on into the Planes of Light for healing.

I called in escorting angels and opened a doorway for the young soldier to see not only his former fiancee, but others of his family waiting to welcome him with open arms. I had a vision of the young man straightening his cap and saluting Todd and me in gratitude for his release, then turning to march off into the doorway with the angels at his side. It was a very moving image, and I was deeply touched to have had the privilege of freeing not only Todd, but this young “unknown soldier” to move forward on their different journeys.

Todd has continued to work with me in creating energetic safety protocols to avoid further attachments and to protect his home from unwanted entities as well. I admire his dedication to developing his psychic abilities and staying safe in the process!

A Mysterious (ET) Device Removed

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Image Credit: www.

David arrived 30 minutes late for his appointment, apologizing profusely. This was my first clue that something was wrong, because David had seen me before and he was always punctual. He actually had a gift for being in the right place at just the right time, but that was clearly out of whack at this point!

And that wasn’t the only problem. While David was frustrated at the issues he had been experiencing with timing (in the last week he had mistakenly shown up at stores just at their closing time not just once but three times, plus running late for work and public transportation), he was far more concerned that he had basically stopped dreaming. Normally his dreams were vivid and served as sources of spiritual insight, but lately he was barely dreaming at all, and the dreams were muddy and vague. And David was truly alarmed that he also had lost his lifelong ability to visualize, as this was his major tool for manifestation.

All of these issues had shown up at about the same time, a couple of weeks prior to our appointment. I had a sense that they all stemmed from a single source, but what could it be?

I asked for clarity on the cause of David’s symptoms, and got the message that there was an energetic device in David’s energy fields that had recently been implanted by a group of extraterrestrials for observation purposes. I asked to meet with the ETs responsible, and found out that they had no harmful intent; they were just monitoring David because of his own soul’s ET origins (Pleiadian) and his ongoing interest in communicating with ETs. I had my spirit allies scan the beings to verify their truthfulness and their own origins; they were Sirians (a group I knew and was friendly with). They apologized for the “destructive interference” their device had caused, and agreed to immediately deactivate, dismantle and remove it.

Within seconds, David’s visualizing capability was restored, to his great relief. An engineer himself, David was both pragmatic and good-humored about the energetic device’s “glitches,” and even invited a re-installation once the bugs were worked out!  We both thanked the ETs for their prompt and caring assistance.

The session ended with David being able to visualize with the same clarity he had always enjoyed. After some pleasant conversation afterwards, he looked at his watch and the train schedule and saw that he had just the right amount of time to catch the train he intended. So he was “back in the timestream again,” with his gift for synchronicity also restored.  And his dreams that night brightened up to their normal Technicolor setting as well. David was de-glitched!

So there you have it: four journeys into “other kinds of real,” four transformations in THIS kind of real! Stay tuned for further Tales….

Tiny True Tales of Transformation, Part One

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As promised in my previous post, I’m going to tell you a few of the remarkable experiences I’ve shared with my clients in sessions over the past two years–experiences that took us to “undiscovered countries” in realms beyond the ordinary. So get comfortable (perhaps with your beverage of choice) and prepare to enjoy this first installment of “Tiny Tales of Transformation”–short and juicy, and totally true….

Oh, just a couple of notes before we begin:

1. Identifying details for clients have been altered to protect privacy, but the actual events and outcomes are described exactly as they occurred.

2. These events involve dealing with aspects of life that I describe as “a different kind of real.” You’ll see what I mean. And it will help if you remind yourself to do as the Rilke quote at the end of the prior post advised: be willing to embrace the inexplicable.


A Phobia Released

Helen was a published author whose latest book was enjoying remarkable success. She was being invited to speak and teach about her work, and she was passionate about sharing her message. But she had a deep, lifelong fear that threatened to shut down her success: she was afraid of people. As a species. As if she were a different kind of being from them.

Exposure to people in groups, and especially speaking in front of them, triggered in her a sense that her very life was in danger. And though she had sought help through counseling and psychotherapy, the fear persisted and she knew it HAD to go if she were to stay on her chosen path as a visionary author and speaker.

Helen was both highly intelligent and highly spiritual, open to seeking insight and healing through energy work and metaphysical methods. When I suggested that the roots of her fear might be uncovered through inquiry into her Akashic Records, she readily agreed. And together we learned about a trauma she had experienced long ago and VERY far away.

In that lifetime, she was one of a non-human race that was advanced and peaceful, sharing a planet with humanoid beings. However, the humanoids started a war, and Helen’s people were mercilessly hunted, tortured and slaughtered in the process. She personally endured torture and death, and the trauma had created a soul imprint that echoed on into her current lifetime as a human (which she chose partly in order to find resolution to this very issue).

While this story surprised me, to Helen it rang true at a deep level. And so we entered the healing process. I guided Helen into a meditation to meet with the soul of the humanoid who had been responsible for her suffering. This being expressed deep and sincere regret for what had happened, and Helen was willing to forgive and release him from the guilt and shame he bore for his conduct. For both of them, soul wounds were healed. Next, we needed to clear the energetic tangles caused by Helen’s trauma and its replay in subsequent lifetimes, replacing them with the energy patterns of her original soul blueprint. I was guided to use sacred sound in the form of Tibetan bowls and specific tuning forks. Helen was astonished at how the patterns of sound created a profound sense of peace and reharmonizing within her. And at the end of the session, she reported that her fear was completely gone! She has never felt it again, even when she was presented with a major award for her book and had to give an acceptance speech in front of a very large crowd. She is thriving in her career, and enjoys social gatherings for the first time in her life.

Sciatica Pain Relieved

Jerry was desperate. He had injured his back doing yard work, triggering sciatica pain down his left leg that was intense and relentless. He couldn’t sit, stand, walk or sleep in comfort. He was seeing a doctor and a naprapath, but was ready to explore any and all possibilities that could offer more immediate pain relief. As a musician and a deeply spiritual man, he was open to the idea that sacred sound could have healing effects on the body, so we set up a series of three sound healing sessions with the understanding that this would complement, not replace, his other treatment plans.

I brought my Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a selection of crystals (which, I have found, tend to act as both amplifiers and filters of the fields of healing sound, conducting the most beneficial healing frequencies directly into the body). I had Jerry lie on his couch, and I placed crystals on his torso, in his hands, and on his left hip. Jerry remarked that the crystals in his hands felt warm almost immediately, warmer than his hand temperature. I had him relax, close his eyes, and simply receive the sound.

Tibetan bowls create subtle yet powerful fields of sound frequencies, individually and especially in groups. When I play them, I exercise no conscious control over which bowl to strike in what order. I simply allow the Divine to play through me, and often it does truly feel like healing PLAY–loving and joyful. As the bowls resonated throughout the room, Jerry’s body twitched a few times, and he seemed to relax more deeply.

After the bowls, I finished the healing with tuning forks. The tones of the forks brought a faint, blissful smile to Jerry’s lips. When I felt everything was complete, I guided Jerry back to a wakeful state. He opened his eyes and excitedly told me he’d had some remarkable visions, along with sensations of energy leaving his body, through the crystals and also shooting up and out of his head. Then he sat up, his eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “And now, for the first time, I am PAIN FREE!” He slept soundly that night, too.

Jerry’s body did need time to completely heal, even after that dramatic breakthrough. He continued to follow his doctor’s and naprapath’s instructions along with the sound healing treatments, and progressed with amazing rapidity. His sciatica pain was gone for good after only three weeks, abouthalf the typical recovery time. Jerry and I both acknowledge that relieving his sciatica was a team effort. But he is also quick to add that the sound healing sessions did an amazing job at accelerating his healing process.

Tune in next time for the tales of:

A Lost Soul Rescued


A Mysterious Device Removed

Plus bonus example of “Office Aikido”! Until then, remember to keep embracing the inexplicable….

A Halloween Treat–The Story of the Jack-O’-Lantern

I discovered this treat of a tale when I was teaching ESL students about American holidays. Many of the Asian students were quite puzzled by Halloween in particular, and they enjoyed discovering the Celtic roots of the tradition as much as I did! As a teacher, I chose a credible source for the story, and then as a storyteller I added more drama and fun, along with some visual aids. It became an annual favorite with the students, and a highlight for me as well.

I’m in a different place this year, and miss the chance to share the story with a live audience. Next year I’ll make a recording to post here, but for THIS Halloween, you can just settle back with your own Jack-O’-Lantern, channel your finest Irish brogue, and savor:

Our man Stingy Jack was a blacksmith in the Old Country of Eire, tight with his money and a cheat to his customers, but a great one for a drink (or ten) at the pub. One evening–on a night much like this one, my dears–while he was having his usual pint, who should come through the door but the Devil himself! Jack, not afraid in the least, invited the Devil to have a drink right along with him. But true to his name, Stingy Jack didn’t want to put out his own coin for the drinks. Ever a sly and tricksy man, he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a sixpence coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks—though the Devil required Jack’s own soul in return (a bargain with long consequences, as we’ll see). Once the Devil silvered himself into the sixpence and jingled upon the bar, Jack was so enticed by the sight of that extra shiny coin that he put it into his pocket. But he kept it next to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil from changing back into himself. The Devil cursed and raged at Jack in a most unpleasant way– though the effect was dulled by the squeaky, tinny sound of his sixpence voice!–and Jack eventually got tired of the fussing and freed him, under the condition that he would not bother Jack at all nor try to claim his soul for ten full years.

And so ten Octobers came and went. As the 10th October drew near to a close, Jack once again ran into the Devil as he strode down a lonely country road. The Devil was quite eager to claim what was due him, but our Jack had other ideas. Jack thought quickly and said to the Devil in his meekest voice, “Very well, I’ll go, but before I do, would you do me the great favor of fetching me an apple from this tree we’re standing under, as my last meal before an eternity in hell?” He pointed to the choicest apple high above them. The Devil, sure of his prey and thinking he had nothing to lose, obligingly climbed up and up into the tree after the apple Jack had selected.

When he was nearly up on the branch with the apple, Jack in a flash carved a sign of the cross into the tree’s bark! Now the Devil could not come back down, and OH, how that Devil howled and cursed at Jack! Apples withered and rained down at the horrible sounds, and all the dogs in the county started in howling. But there was not a thing more that Devil could do. So Jack, very pleased with himself indeed, made the Devil promise that never again would he ask Jack for his soul. Seeing no other choice, the Devil reluctantly agreed–with a few more choice curses to relieve his frustration–and Jack changed the carving to another shape so the Devil could leave the tree. Which he did, in a fiery flash that burned the tree where it stood and singed Jack’s hair a wee bit in the process.

Well, not all that long afterward, Jack up and died. When he attempted to enter the pearly gates, Saint Peter and the guardian angels shooed him away, saying, “Away with you, Stingy Jack! We’ll not have such an unsavory and unloving one as you in heaven. Go on and see if the Devil will take you!” So down he went into the hell he’d tried to avoid. But the Devil, still sullen and angry about the trick Jack had played on him—and keeping his word not to claim Jack’s soul—would not allow Jack into hell.

Now Jack was in a very bad way indeed, not able to go to heaven OR hell, and for once his wit and tricksiness were of no use to him. So Jack in despair asked the Devil, “Where then should I go?” The Devil only snarled, “Right back where you came from!” Well, the way back from hell to our world was very, VERY dark, and Jack had no inkling how he’d find his way in such thick darkness. So he lost all pride and begged the Devil to at least give him a light for the long journey.

The Devil thought a bit, then with a wicked grin, picked a burning coal right out of the fires of hell and tossed it to Jack. “Let this be your light and good riddance to you!” he crowed. Jack let the coal sit a bit while he carved out a turnip he had in his pocket. Then he stuffed the coal inside, and eventually found his way back to Earth. And on the Earth he’s been roaming ever since, trying to find a house to settle in and more people to cheat! As his story spread, the Irish people who saw him on dark nights began to refer to the ghostly figure as “Jack of the Lantern,” and finally, “Jack O’Lantern.”

Now, gentle readers, remember that in the Celtic lands people believed that spirits and ghosts could enter their world on Halloween, for the “thin places” between the realms would get even thinner and allow free passage from one side to the other. These spirits and ghosts would be attracted to the comforts of their earthly lives, which could cause no end of trouble to the people they were haunting. Those not wanting to be visited would set food and treats out to appease the roaming spirits, and if the people themselves had to leave their homes, they’d wear costumes and masks to keep the spirits from recognizing and bothering them!

To further deter the pestiferous spirits, fathers and children began to make their own versions of Jack’s lanterns by carving scary faces into turnips or potatoes and placing them into windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits.  As Celtic immigrants came to the shores of America, they brought the jack-o’-lantern story and carving tradition with them. They soon found that pumpkins, native to America and unknown in the Old Country, made tip-top jack-o’-lanterns. They were not only bigger than any they’d had back home,  they were softer and easier to carve than turnips and potatoes! And so the ever-adaptable Celts improved on their own tradition and started a new one in their new land.

Now, every year thousands of pumpkins are carved with faces or other designs, lit up with candles and placed on porches or in windows. But their purpose is no longer to frighten away Stingy Jack, but to welcome trick-or-treaters. A kinder, gentler intent, to be sure!

So now we’ve had the tale all told, and glad we are that it’s Jack and not us that are left roaming the earth as ghosts for endless ages! And yet, this Halloween, whenever you spy a Jack-o’-lantern, take a moment to spare a compassionate thought for old Stingy Jack and his lonely, wandering end. Oh, and also be sure to remember:  never try tricking the Devil yourself!

Can This Haunt Be Saved?

Who are you?

The internal voice made me pause in my walk up Prospect Avenue.  I was passing a home that was reputed to be haunted; it had even opened to visitors on some Halloween nights based on that claim.  It certainly SEEMED unwelcoming to me.  As a clairaudient, I was used to being contacted through my spiritual hearing.  I had just been conversing mentally with some tree spirits and was sending reiki energy to all the nature spirits on the lot where the house sat.  But this voice had a different, almost childlike quality.

I’m an emissary of the Divine, I mentally replied. I sometimes spoke more formally in these conversations because I was working out of my spiritual identity as an incarnated seraph (the order of angels most closely surrounding the Divine).

“What are you doing here?”

I’m giving everyone some reiki–that’s life force energy from the Divine.  It’s one of my missions as a seraph.  Oh, and picking up trash is another, I told the unseen being with a little chuckle, as I bent down to grab a discarded candy wrapper.  So who are YOU?

“I’m a spirit in this house.”

I did a quick energy scan of the being and sensed that this was not a child’s ghost as it first had seemed, but a demonic entity.  No wonder the house had seemed unfriendly!  I felt no fear–being a seraph and having lots of protective beings around me meant I couldn’t be harmed.  But I needed to be alert for any attempts at deception or menace.

“You’re so beautiful.  I really like you.  Can I go with you and talk some more?”

NO. I’m leaving now, and you need to stay there.  My reply was firm.  I’d heard stories of entities playing on humans’ sympathy, getting their consent to go home with them, and then causing real trouble.  If I firmly denied permission to follow me and also cut any connecting energy cords after ending contact, the spirit would be unable to stay with me or know where I lived.

I walked away briskly and mentally cut the energy cords I perceived.  At home, I didn’t think much more about the incident until after supper, when I heard the same voice calling out to me frantically, sounding more distant.

“Help me!  HE’S going to hurt me!  HE’S mad because  I don’t want to be under HIM anymore–I want to be on your side!  PLEASE!”

I knew it was possible for some unholy beings to choose to change; I’d helped others change before, and it was a  joyful part of my spiritual work.  I was aware, though, that this could be a further attempt to deceive me.  So I contacted my spirit “lie detectors.” Is this one telling the truth or trying to trick me?  The reply was that I was getting the truth; this demon wanted to be transmuted and he WAS in danger.

I also knew who HE was–the Big Bad, the Enemy, aka Satan.  I was still not afraid because I’d faced Big Bad down before.  But I knew I had to act quickly to rescue and transmute the lesser demon without getting entangled in another confrontation.

I shot out a sphere of light to enclose and protect the demon and carry him to safety.  Inside the sphere were sacred symbols–a fiery violet triangle to transmute what was negative, and an angled black ray to consume anything negative that resisted transmutation.   And throughout the sphere echoed the tones of the Divine Name* to purify and reclaim the essence of the being that remained.  When the process was complete, the sphere opened and in place of the demon, an angel emerged!  It was a wondrous moment and there was great joy for us all–except HIM, of course….

So the house is now haunt-free.  I hope any Halloween visitors won’t be too disappointed at the change in atmosphere.   I’d like to think that if they knew what had happened, they’d be happy to have another angel around insteadI know I am!

*Knowledge of the Divine Name and how to tone it are found in The Divine Name by Jonathan Goldman, available on

Detour into the Paranormal…

While I fully intend to keep my promise in my first post to explain why I feature that artwork in my sidebar and how it connects to my journey out of boxes, it will be coming along a bit later because real life happened and led me to do different writing!

I was a featured vendor at a Paranormal Convention this weekend, and to prepare for that, I had to create some informative handouts on Christianity and the oracular tradition, on spiritual protection for paranormal encounters, and on how to ask a question for an oracle.  I have posted those handouts as separate pages on this site, and hope you’ll take a look at them!

If you find the material useful and wish to share it with others, that is great!  I just ask that as I have credited my sources in my work, you will credit this blog as your source in yours.  It demonstrates what a class act you are as a writer! 🙂