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Love and Power–A Dance of Divine Duality

As an intuitive healer, I offer my email subscribers the gift of a monthly distant energy healing. The hour I spend in transmitting Divine healing energy is often a profound experience for me, as well as for those who receive the energy. The April 7 session was particularly significant, as I felt much stronger sensations of energy transmitting and also received a clear, downloaded message from Spirit about  love and power. Below is what I shared with my subscribers after the healing.

“A theme often emerges in a group healing session, and this time the focus was EMPOWERED LOVE. I was led to use several of my rose quartz crystals in a grid pattern during the session, along with blue calcite, my crystal skulls, black tourmaline and a particularly powerful Phantom Quartz. This created quite a synergy of love, power and cleansing during the session. I received a specific message during the energy transmission as well:

Love without power is cloying and codependent; power without love is voracious and vicious. Yet, when operating in balance and union, they interweave like strands of DNA, encoding the very nature of Divine Spirit into our beings.

The Spiral Dance of Love and Power

Love brings gentleness to power, while power brings vigor to love. So the two harmonize, dance and swirl within each of us, creating a blend uniquely suited to our own vibrational presence and purpose. Some of you operate with a higher proportion of power, some with a greater portion of love. But only TOGETHER can they fully express the Divine within and through you. Know, honor and appreciate your own personal mix of Love and Power, and let your Empowered Love be fully expressed in your life, with Joy!”

Love and Power, Light and Dark–inseparable in the Divine, intertwined in us. Divine Duality Dancing. May you be swept up into the rhythm and discover your own spiral dance of Spirit!

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Radio Interview and a New Path

LIVE INTERVIEW on TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012,         8 pm CDT!

I’m happy to announce my first LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW as the Unboxed Oracle!  It’s on the Kristy D. Fox Show this Tuesday, July 17, 2012, at 8 pm CDT, and the program will be recorded and available for replay on the webpage afterwards.  Click  here to access the page and get the call-in number in case you’d like to ask a question LIVE!  Kristy herself is a beautiful and powerful lightworker who brings healing to many people through her connections with angels, ancestors and other Higher Beings.  And I’ll be sharing some brand-new Divine downloads about healing and spiritual growth myself.  This will be a truly empowering and uplifting broadcast that you will definitely want to hear to replenish your spiritual energies!

I’ll give a bit of a “teaser” about a major topic in the discussion.  My own journey into what I call an “expanded spirituality” was very rocky in the first few months–I lacked mentoring and support, and so I had to face many challenges and fears on my own, stumbling often and sometimes painfully in the process.  My experiences have led me to create a practice I call the Spiritual PowerPath, which is composed of a series of Steps to guide people to access their true spiritual gifts and power with grace, safety and support.

I’ll be talking about the essential Three First Steps on this PowerPath and explain how I can lead you into those Steps.  Even seasoned Pathwalkers will benefit from refreshing themselves on these Steps, and of course once you’re on the PowerPath, there are other Steps to keep you on course and in your power all along the way.  The whole practice is about choosing your Steps and then going forward with only as much support as you desire.  The goal is to create self-powered Walkers, Runners and ultimately Flyers!

Join me Tuesday, 7/17 at 8 pm CDT to learn more and step into your own power!   I look forward to sharing our energies!

Oracle Reading for December 20-27

from The Heart of Faerie Oracle Deck by Brian and Wendy Froud

My first encounter with beings from Faerie came a few months after my reiki attunements.  To learn more, I was drawn to Doreen Virtue’s book Healing with the Fairies, which gave me valuable insights and initial understandings, yet left me vaguely unsatisfied.  The fairies she talked with were all so… so… SWEET.  And yet my own experience had shown me a much more complex realm, where beings were not only loving and kind, but could also be mischievous, earthy, wise-cracking, vain, arrogant, and sometimes even malevolent. Faerie, like our own world, encompasses both good AND evil; its inhabitants, like us, are not static but evolving through relationships with one another, with us, with spirits and with the Divine.

As I went deeper into the realm of Faerie, I found myself more drawn to the work of Brian Froud.  His art and writing show Faerie as it is, and when I looked at his books and oracle decks, I recognized truths.  No one person has ALL the truth (about Faerie or anything else!), but Brian’s work reveals more facets of truth than I’ve seen elsewhere.

All this to say that when I sought an image for the oracle message for December 20-27, I was guided to The Queen of Passage from The Heart of Faerie.  As we pass through the darkness of winter, the end of the year, and the end of an age (by the Mayan calendar), this great queen offers help to change from one phase to another, to let go and move on.

This time of year brings forth memories of holidays past, of loved ones no longer with us, and of experiences both sweet and bitter from prior months.  All things change, and releasing the past and moving on to a new life, a new love, a new job or just a new viewpoint, can be painful.  But the Queen of Passage sees ahead as keenly as the kestrel flying next to her, holds the wisdom of the raven for counsel, and in her hand is a pomegranate to indicate fertility.  There is a way ahead, to a future of growth and opportunity.

As we step from one way of being to another, in that darkness of passage between past and future, we experience a moment of surrender.  And then the darkness becomes light.  Trust, listen, and then take the step.  The Queen of Passage and many other allies are there to guide you out of your past and into your future.

Oracle Reading for 11/8/11 – 11/12/11

For this Oracle reading, I was led to a card from the Crystal Ally Card Deck by Naisha Ahsian.  While this deck is new to me, work with crystals is not, so the combination of oracle and crystal wisdom is a delight for me–and I hope also for you!  The stone on the card is Tourmaline, a Water Ally, which has properties of calming emotional excess and equalizing  personal vibrations to facilitate the state of “Inner Peace.”  Here are the messages I received with this card:

As we come to the spiritually momentous date of 11/11/11, with the many promised shifts to ourselves and our world that will accompany it, it is important to remember that with a center of inner peace, we can welcome and move through all changes with ease, gracefully releasing what no longer serves us and embracing new ways of being that draw us and our planet closer to the Divine.  The release of old patterns enables us to live fully “in the moment,” in the flow of Divine will.  When we are living in the moment, we are free and “out of the box,” whether it’s the box of past regrets or the box of future anxieties.  In this freedom we no longer condemn ourselves or others, but accept all for what they truly are in the present.

Inner peace also creates a clear connection for communion with higher guidance. While existing free in the present moment, you can make each thought and action a manifestation of the Divine Creator on earth.  On 11/11, I hope you will take some time to ease into the inner peace of Tourmaline, relax into the Divine flow of grace, and from there manifest your peace, joy and healing to bless the changing world around you.

In crystalline Spirit,


Oracle Reading for October 21-25

Since I’ll be away from my computer this weekend, I was led to share a second oracle reading for you a bit ahead of schedule!

As you see, the deck is The Nature-Speak Oracle by Ted Andrews.  I like this deck because it uses all nature images: Landscapes, Flowers, Trees, and Season & Climate.  This makes it suitable for people of many different spiritual backgrounds. The card given to me was in this last section, and here is what I channeled from Spirit based on the image and caption:

For the next few days, your path may seem somewhat obscured by mist or fog.  You may feel less certain of “next steps,”  unable to see clearly how to proceed or where potential pitfalls lie.  This is actually an opportunity to grow!  Stand still and tap into your OTHER spiritual senses–inner hearing, smell or touch–to receive the guidance you need to move forward, and also expand your awareness of how Spirit can lead you.  For now, consider this a “blindfolded trust walk” with Spirit, step by careful step. Soon the way will be clear again and you can move more quickly, with renewed confidence in your expanded perception of how Spirit guides and protects you.

From the guidebook:

There are things yet to be revealed.  Move slowly and stay grounded.  Things are shifting….not necessarily good or bad, just shifting and unclear.  Study people and things around you carefully, and delay major decisions at this time.

Blessings on your (mist-filled) path!  Until next time.

Oracle of the Week: First in a Series

To do something both beneficial and fun for those who read this blog, I’m initiating a bit of a ritual:  a weekly Oracle reading designed for you.

I’ll use a different oracle tool each time, as guidance suggests.  I’d appreciate comments from you on any insights or benefits you receive from these readings!

For the first reading, I chose the Earth Magic oracle card deck, by Steven D. Farmer (the husband of Doreen Virtue–I just read about their romantic beginnings in her book Healing with the Fairies).  This was the most popular deck for my readings at the Paranormal Conference.

I framed my question (see my page on “How to Question an Oracle” for guidelines) as, “What message would help us in the coming week?” I was prompted to select a single card for general insight and commentary.

The card I drew was STONE PEOPLE: Vigilance.  The intuitive meaning I received from this was that for this week it is important to stand strong, tall and solid in our core selves, unshakeable by circumstance or opposing forces–like the standing stones in the image.  We also need to be alert, but not apprehensive--attuned and responsive to any instinctive prompting to be wary of someone or something, open to unusual opportunities to do good, protective of personal boundaries, and clearheaded in assessing situations and right responses.

As I consulted the guidebook, the following sentences seemed to “light up” for sharing: “Vigilant simply means opening up your mind and senses to information….Maintain your vigilance of the clues around you and inside of you.  Assess what is emanating from your body, and then sort out any conditioned responses from what is purely instinctual.   [Keep] heart, intuition, and mind in harmony….Detach, take a breath, and stand tall in your stature.”

Blessings on your week!