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Tiny True Tales of Transformation, Part One

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As promised in my previous post, I’m going to tell you a few of the remarkable experiences I’ve shared with my clients in sessions over the past two years–experiences that took us to “undiscovered countries” in realms beyond the ordinary. So get comfortable (perhaps with your beverage of choice) and prepare to enjoy this first installment of “Tiny Tales of Transformation”–short and juicy, and totally true….

Oh, just a couple of notes before we begin:

1. Identifying details for clients have been altered to protect privacy, but the actual events and outcomes are described exactly as they occurred.

2. These events involve dealing with aspects of life that I describe as “a different kind of real.” You’ll see what I mean. And it will help if you remind yourself to do as the Rilke quote at the end of the prior post advised: be willing to embrace the inexplicable.


A Phobia Released

Helen was a published author whose latest book was enjoying remarkable success. She was being invited to speak and teach about her work, and she was passionate about sharing her message. But she had a deep, lifelong fear that threatened to shut down her success: she was afraid of people. As a species. As if she were a different kind of being from them.

Exposure to people in groups, and especially speaking in front of them, triggered in her a sense that her very life was in danger. And though she had sought help through counseling and psychotherapy, the fear persisted and she knew it HAD to go if she were to stay on her chosen path as a visionary author and speaker.

Helen was both highly intelligent and highly spiritual, open to seeking insight and healing through energy work and metaphysical methods. When I suggested that the roots of her fear might be uncovered through inquiry into her Akashic Records, she readily agreed. And together we learned about a trauma she had experienced long ago and VERY far away.

In that lifetime, she was one of a non-human race that was advanced and peaceful, sharing a planet with humanoid beings. However, the humanoids started a war, and Helen’s people were mercilessly hunted, tortured and slaughtered in the process. She personally endured torture and death, and the trauma had created a soul imprint that echoed on into her current lifetime as a human (which she chose partly in order to find resolution to this very issue).

While this story surprised me, to Helen it rang true at a deep level. And so we entered the healing process. I guided Helen into a meditation to meet with the soul of the humanoid who had been responsible for her suffering. This being expressed deep and sincere regret for what had happened, and Helen was willing to forgive and release him from the guilt and shame he bore for his conduct. For both of them, soul wounds were healed. Next, we needed to clear the energetic tangles caused by Helen’s trauma and its replay in subsequent lifetimes, replacing them with the energy patterns of her original soul blueprint. I was guided to use sacred sound in the form of Tibetan bowls and specific tuning forks. Helen was astonished at how the patterns of sound created a profound sense of peace and reharmonizing within her. And at the end of the session, she reported that her fear was completely gone! She has never felt it again, even when she was presented with a major award for her book and had to give an acceptance speech in front of a very large crowd. She is thriving in her career, and enjoys social gatherings for the first time in her life.

Sciatica Pain Relieved

Jerry was desperate. He had injured his back doing yard work, triggering sciatica pain down his left leg that was intense and relentless. He couldn’t sit, stand, walk or sleep in comfort. He was seeing a doctor and a naprapath, but was ready to explore any and all possibilities that could offer more immediate pain relief. As a musician and a deeply spiritual man, he was open to the idea that sacred sound could have healing effects on the body, so we set up a series of three sound healing sessions with the understanding that this would complement, not replace, his other treatment plans.

I brought my Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and a selection of crystals (which, I have found, tend to act as both amplifiers and filters of the fields of healing sound, conducting the most beneficial healing frequencies directly into the body). I had Jerry lie on his couch, and I placed crystals on his torso, in his hands, and on his left hip. Jerry remarked that the crystals in his hands felt warm almost immediately, warmer than his hand temperature. I had him relax, close his eyes, and simply receive the sound.

Tibetan bowls create subtle yet powerful fields of sound frequencies, individually and especially in groups. When I play them, I exercise no conscious control over which bowl to strike in what order. I simply allow the Divine to play through me, and often it does truly feel like healing PLAY–loving and joyful. As the bowls resonated throughout the room, Jerry’s body twitched a few times, and he seemed to relax more deeply.

After the bowls, I finished the healing with tuning forks. The tones of the forks brought a faint, blissful smile to Jerry’s lips. When I felt everything was complete, I guided Jerry back to a wakeful state. He opened his eyes and excitedly told me he’d had some remarkable visions, along with sensations of energy leaving his body, through the crystals and also shooting up and out of his head. Then he sat up, his eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “And now, for the first time, I am PAIN FREE!” He slept soundly that night, too.

Jerry’s body did need time to completely heal, even after that dramatic breakthrough. He continued to follow his doctor’s and naprapath’s instructions along with the sound healing treatments, and progressed with amazing rapidity. His sciatica pain was gone for good after only three weeks, abouthalf the typical recovery time. Jerry and I both acknowledge that relieving his sciatica was a team effort. But he is also quick to add that the sound healing sessions did an amazing job at accelerating his healing process.

Tune in next time for the tales of:

A Lost Soul Rescued


A Mysterious Device Removed

Plus bonus example of “Office Aikido”! Until then, remember to keep embracing the inexplicable….


Love and Power–A Dance of Divine Duality

As an intuitive healer, I offer my email subscribers the gift of a monthly distant energy healing. The hour I spend in transmitting Divine healing energy is often a profound experience for me, as well as for those who receive the energy. The April 7 session was particularly significant, as I felt much stronger sensations of energy transmitting and also received a clear, downloaded message from Spirit about  love and power. Below is what I shared with my subscribers after the healing.

“A theme often emerges in a group healing session, and this time the focus was EMPOWERED LOVE. I was led to use several of my rose quartz crystals in a grid pattern during the session, along with blue calcite, my crystal skulls, black tourmaline and a particularly powerful Phantom Quartz. This created quite a synergy of love, power and cleansing during the session. I received a specific message during the energy transmission as well:

Love without power is cloying and codependent; power without love is voracious and vicious. Yet, when operating in balance and union, they interweave like strands of DNA, encoding the very nature of Divine Spirit into our beings.

The Spiral Dance of Love and Power

Love brings gentleness to power, while power brings vigor to love. So the two harmonize, dance and swirl within each of us, creating a blend uniquely suited to our own vibrational presence and purpose. Some of you operate with a higher proportion of power, some with a greater portion of love. But only TOGETHER can they fully express the Divine within and through you. Know, honor and appreciate your own personal mix of Love and Power, and let your Empowered Love be fully expressed in your life, with Joy!”

Love and Power, Light and Dark–inseparable in the Divine, intertwined in us. Divine Duality Dancing. May you be swept up into the rhythm and discover your own spiral dance of Spirit!

Would you like to receive Divine healing energies each month to free your soul and energize your body? Click here for information on becoming an email subscriber of the Unboxed Oracle! Privacy is protected and benefits include a monthly newsletter with practical energy healing tips plus the free monthly distant healing. I would be honored to add you to our energized circle!

Spring Cleaning Your Crystals–the 3 S’s

With spring springing up all around, and with the dust settled from my recent move, I feel renewed energy and the urge to CLEAN something!  Though preferably WITHOUT a dustcloth, mop, or vacuum….  So I’m working on my crystals (as I unpack them!).

When I first began working with crystals, I did my usual info-junkie thing and read what others had written about cleansing procedures.  Having a lot of Virgo in me, I took diligent and methodical notes, but found myself overwhelmed by rules and exceptions.  Some crystals apparently were best cleansed by water (salt, fresh, running), some by sunlight, some by moonlight, some in the earth–I knew I’d never keep all this straight!  And I heard some horror stories of well-meaning people accidentally “frying” crystals by overexposure to sunlight, which did nothing for my cleansing confidence.  Wasn’t there some easy, UNIVERSAL way to cleanse crystals?

I asked for spiritual guidance, and got some answers (2 “S’s”) on the morning of October 29, 2011, which I noted in my bedside journal.  The 3rd “S” came from a radio talk show in November 2011, featuring Allison Hayes, “The Rock Girl”  So here are “The 3 S’s” of crystal cleansing:

1.  SELENITE:  this soft white inexpensive mineral is safe for any crystal, and generally works within minutes to cleanse old negative energies and bring in Divine energy.

2.  SMUDGING:  Passing your crystals through the smoke of a smudge stick is safe for any crystal as well.  I personally prefer palo santo, but white sage, cedar, sweetgrass or other traditional cleansing smudge herbs will be fine.  Go with what YOU  like and your crystals will like it too!

3.  SOUND:  While Allison specifically recommended tingshas, I have found singing bowls or my own meditative synthesizer compositions are equally effective.  Jonathan Goldman’s The Divine Name is also quite  spiritually cleansing (for you, pets, plants, ANYTHING natural).  And the sound of your own voice is quite effective for clearing and cleansing your crystals! Just speak, chant or sing with the intent of clearing and cleansing your crystals, and they will respond to the intent. Finally, any music that soothes YOU is cleansing to you and your environment, and it will cleanse your crystals as well.  It is your spiritual intent to clear and cleanse that will empower the music you choose.  The crystals need only be NEAR the sound source–follow your intuition on what works best for your crystals.

Selenite, Smudging and Sound are Simple, Safe, and Sure!  And much more fun than traditional spring cleaning.  So show your crystals some love and try one of these methods soon.  Let me know how it turns out!

Oracle Reading for 11/8/11 – 11/12/11

For this Oracle reading, I was led to a card from the Crystal Ally Card Deck by Naisha Ahsian.  While this deck is new to me, work with crystals is not, so the combination of oracle and crystal wisdom is a delight for me–and I hope also for you!  The stone on the card is Tourmaline, a Water Ally, which has properties of calming emotional excess and equalizing  personal vibrations to facilitate the state of “Inner Peace.”  Here are the messages I received with this card:

As we come to the spiritually momentous date of 11/11/11, with the many promised shifts to ourselves and our world that will accompany it, it is important to remember that with a center of inner peace, we can welcome and move through all changes with ease, gracefully releasing what no longer serves us and embracing new ways of being that draw us and our planet closer to the Divine.  The release of old patterns enables us to live fully “in the moment,” in the flow of Divine will.  When we are living in the moment, we are free and “out of the box,” whether it’s the box of past regrets or the box of future anxieties.  In this freedom we no longer condemn ourselves or others, but accept all for what they truly are in the present.

Inner peace also creates a clear connection for communion with higher guidance. While existing free in the present moment, you can make each thought and action a manifestation of the Divine Creator on earth.  On 11/11, I hope you will take some time to ease into the inner peace of Tourmaline, relax into the Divine flow of grace, and from there manifest your peace, joy and healing to bless the changing world around you.

In crystalline Spirit,