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Inscribed and Sealed

sealed-inscriptionIt seems that several of our calendars–astrological, Christian, Jewish–are converging on a common theme just now, one that is significant to spiritually conscious people.

Astrological: Mercury Retrograde, with its invitation (well, actually, insistence) on “taking a step back” to pause, reflect, and re-examine both inner and outer issues before moving forward into the next phase of the cosmic journey.

Christian: October, which ushers in “the beginning of the end” of the year. Themes of harvest, death and life cycles (the underlying meaning of Halloween), and the need to bring the year to a satisfying close–these also prompt reflection, self-examination and re-ordering of priorities.

Jewish: The Ten Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) are dedicated to introspection, reflection, and self-examination–reviewing the year behind and committing to the year ahead.

The common theme: Go Inward Before You Go Forward.

All three spiritual perspectives are calling us to take time to pause and look within–so we can learn from and release the past, re-examine and clarify the present, and rededicate our energies to creating a fulfilling future.

As I was reading more about Rosh Hashanah, I found myself deeply moved by the traditional Hebrew greeting for the New Year.

The Hebrew sentence: L’shana tova tikateiv u’t’chateim

(Even sounding this out reached into some unfathomed place in my soul–perhaps somehow I did know this language from another lifetime.)

And the translation: May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

I understood the traditional meaning to be the wish for God to write you and seal you into the Book of Life–and this created in me a sense of spiritual protection and nurture that most certainly make the foundation for a fulfilling year!

But, from my personal experience of Divine energy and of us as beings made of patterns of energy, I received a new meaning as well.

“Inscribed and sealed” suddenly gave me a clear visual impression of the Divine personally inscribing ME–writing new energy codes into my fields, repatterning the energy of my soul, writing my True Self into fuller existence. And then sealing this inscription–setting it and protecting it as I learned to live what had been written.

Inscribed with love, sealed with power–the balance of Divine energy perfectly expressed in this ancient Hebrew greeting, which is also a blessing,

And it is a blessing I lovingly offer to you, as you go inward to receive your own inscriptions, and then go forward sealed with the power to live what the Divine has written for you.

L’shana tova tikateiv u’t’chateim–May YOU be inscribed and sealed for a good year!


The Healing Space Between




I’ve been following, and talking about, and LIVING, the recent 3-month SuperMoon cycles and their energetic effects. For a bit of review, see my website post.

The SuperMoon “pull up and stir” of old emotions was pretty wild for me–made it a little difficult to take my own advice and “enjoy the energies” :/

It felt to me like a tractor beam pulling up all kinds of flotsam and jetsam from the bottom of my subconscious–old memories, old emotional “triggers” for fear and grief. It was a big bunch of energetic YUCK and chaos, and it took a lot of work with my spiritual tools and outside support to process the intense feelings and keep myself (sort of) peaceful.

I hope you did as well or better in navigating the turbulence and high tides of the SuperMoons! And now, for a little breathing space and healing space….

[Pause HERE to relax and breathe a moment]

…because next comes the infamous Mercury Retrograde!

(The Pre-Retrograde Shadow started 9/14, so we’re already easing into the Retrograde period, which starts October 4.)

Let me just say here that while I am NOT an astrologer, I have learned through some tough experiences that I truly need to pay attention to astrological cycles and their large-scale energy patterns, because when I DIDN’T pay attention, I went clunking and crashing through them, which felt really bad and caused me a lot of unnecessary stress. So I’m sharing this hard-earned wisdom with you to help you flow instead of clunk 😉

This site gives a clear and very helpful overview of the whole Retrograde cycle and its personal applications.

Mercury Retrograde is actually a beautifully logical follow-up to the SuperMoon cycles. The SuperMoons dredged up much of our “shadow” material and strewed it about, exposed and messy, all over our inner landscapes and daily lives. Now, Mercury Retrograde invites us to truly examine this messy stuff and release/clear all that can be cleaned up this time around–so we can replace the mess with Divine order. Sort of like “cleanliness makes room for godliness.”

Remember, these are CYCLES here, so we are not expected to reach total pristine purity after any one of them. Rather, we are to spiral upward with each cycle, examining and cleaning up whatever aspects of our “messes” are most exposed each time.

So these next couple of weeks are a sort of healing space between the two cycles, a time to both rest/reflect AND begin some inner cleanup work. I’ll be sharing some processes to help you in self-care, as well as offering my support in special ways through my services.

Here’s to flowing and not clunking through this next cycle!