Susan by her backyard tree

Unboxed and Loving It!

Would you like to receive:

==> A free PDF mini-guide on opening your psychic gifts ($50 value!),

==> Free monthly energy healing, plus

==> Practical guidance on working with energy to bring more joy, ease, success and love into your life?

Email susan[at]susansinclair.org with “Subscribe” in the subject line, and you will receive your FREE PDF mini-guide and be added to the growing circle of fellow unboxed and energized souls!  🙂

Susan describes the theme of her life as “Emergence.” While she always felt a deep love relationship with the Divine and expressed that connection through a life of devotion in churches and the arts, she struggled with financial lack, deep feelings of unworthiness, and even bulimia. She felt buried under layers of duties, obligations, and judgments of her true self–trapped in a box that just wouldn’t open.

But in 2011, the unboxing and emergence began at Susan’s first Reiki attunements, which opened her intuitive gifts to hear, see and know the world of Spirit in a profound and transformative way. Since then Susan has devoted herself  first to her own healing from soul wounds around self-worth, money, body image and addictive behaviors. As her healing has progressed, she has found a passion for helping others free their souls, open their own gifts, and energize their lives by remembering and reclaiming their unshakeable, unbreakable connection to Divine Source.

Susan is now a Usui and Imara Reiki Master, and certified in sound healing, energy healing and The Bars (R). Her work now focuses on clearing the hidden energetic/spiritual interference that holds people stuck in unhealthy patterns, so they can free themselves and live the unboxed and thriving life they came to Earth to live.

Susan’s services–intuitive readings, interference clearings, and energy healings–are described on her website. She offers free initial Breakthrough Sessions to uncover hidden interference and create a plan for clearing it and moving forward in freedom.

A natural Crystal Intuitive, Susan not only heals others with crystals, she can even heal the crystals themselves!  Crystals can be damaged, depleted or even totally drained of their energies when not properly cared for.  In classes, workshops, or by phone, Susan can guide you to simple, effective ways to cleanse, charge, and even commune with your crystals.

As an ordained minister, shamanic practitioner and multi-instrumental musician, Susan delights in creating beautiful spiritual ceremonies that honor many traditions.

Susan currently resides in Shoreline, Washington with her daughter (also fully unboxed), and a couple of very dramatic cats.  She can be contacted at susan[at]susansinclair.org.


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