A Native American Oracle for 11/25-11/30

Because November is Native American Heritage Month, and I have Native American ancestry, I am using the Medicine Cards oracle deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson as my inspiration for the oracle reading for November 25-30.  The image for the card is below.

For this reading, Prairie Dog popped up out of the deck, not once but twice, which means added emphasis to the message.  Because the Native American concepts of animal “medicine” are new to me, I was prompted to seek Jamie’s writings to clarify the meaning of Prairie Dog’s medicine for us in this coming week.

I was guided to understand that Prairie Dog wants us to know that even though this season is especially busy for many of us with pre-holiday activities, it is important to respect the rhythm of the winter season and allow ourselves to “burrow”–to retreat inward for times of rest and quiet that will refresh us physically and renew our inspiration for creative work and life’s ongoing challenges.  Prairie Dog also reminds us that if we’ve been pushing against a problem that won’t budge, a strategic retreat into our tunnel can provide a much-needed break that will comfort and relax us.  When we return with a fresh perspective, we may find that our rest time allowed the situation to work itself out!  Or at least allowed us more energy and wisdom to create a good outcome.

This is the kind of medicine I can ENJOY taking!  And I hope you will find it both pleasant to taste and health-giving in its benefits.


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4 responses to “A Native American Oracle for 11/25-11/30”

  1. Angelita Glasco says :

    Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

  2. Dora May Henaire says :

    Why do you think November is Native American month? Is it because of “Thanks Giving?” If so…. Than you really need to more studying… because thanksgiving to “US” (Native Americans) is a day of “morning” because of the great betrayal… However the u.s. government really needs to allocate a day for a national legal holiday to celebrate our accomplishments and educate the children today of the genocide that was taking place! That I think would be awesome! Don’t You? Please email me or post on my Facebook wall your response!

    • Dora May Henaire says :

      Notify me with any ideas to help bring this dream of mine (ours) to pass
      “Thank You”

      Dora May


    • theunboxedoracle says :

      That is a thoughtful comment and deserves a thoughtful response. I personally believe that the first Thanksgiving was a rare moment of peace and real appreciation between the European settlers and their Native American neighbors. I agree that much of the history after that was indeed “betrayal” and should be honestly examined in our schools and apologized for by our government! (And many other measures of restitution should be put in place as well.)

      I truly believe that making all of November “Native American Heritage Month” was a step in the right direction. Perhaps within that month, a legal holiday specifically dedicated to celebrating the riches of Native American culture, and honoring specific Native Americans, would fulfill the dream you have. When I was a teacher and a librarian assistant, I personally took the ENTIRE MONTH to host educational workshops and show films, to share Native American culture and the tragic history with the Europeans, and to engage my students in dialogue about oppression and conquered cultures (most of them were foreign students and so this aspect of America was new to them BUT carried a lot of resonance with their own countries’ histories).

      So my personal opinion would be to keep Native American Heritage Month, including Thanksgiving, but add a legal holiday WITHIN it to honor Native Americans, and really USE the month for the education and celebration that you desire to see. I would not trade the month for a single legal holiday! But adding the holiday would be a very meaningful symbol of changing attitudes in our country and our government.

      Best wishes in pursuing ALL your dreams!

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