Oracle Reading for 11/8/11 – 11/12/11

For this Oracle reading, I was led to a card from the Crystal Ally Card Deck by Naisha Ahsian.  While this deck is new to me, work with crystals is not, so the combination of oracle and crystal wisdom is a delight for me–and I hope also for you!  The stone on the card is Tourmaline, a Water Ally, which has properties of calming emotional excess and equalizing  personal vibrations to facilitate the state of “Inner Peace.”  Here are the messages I received with this card:

As we come to the spiritually momentous date of 11/11/11, with the many promised shifts to ourselves and our world that will accompany it, it is important to remember that with a center of inner peace, we can welcome and move through all changes with ease, gracefully releasing what no longer serves us and embracing new ways of being that draw us and our planet closer to the Divine.  The release of old patterns enables us to live fully “in the moment,” in the flow of Divine will.  When we are living in the moment, we are free and “out of the box,” whether it’s the box of past regrets or the box of future anxieties.  In this freedom we no longer condemn ourselves or others, but accept all for what they truly are in the present.

Inner peace also creates a clear connection for communion with higher guidance. While existing free in the present moment, you can make each thought and action a manifestation of the Divine Creator on earth.  On 11/11, I hope you will take some time to ease into the inner peace of Tourmaline, relax into the Divine flow of grace, and from there manifest your peace, joy and healing to bless the changing world around you.

In crystalline Spirit,



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