Can This Haunt Be Saved?

Who are you?

The internal voice made me pause in my walk up Prospect Avenue.  I was passing a home that was reputed to be haunted; it had even opened to visitors on some Halloween nights based on that claim.  It certainly SEEMED unwelcoming to me.  As a clairaudient, I was used to being contacted through my spiritual hearing.  I had just been conversing mentally with some tree spirits and was sending reiki energy to all the nature spirits on the lot where the house sat.  But this voice had a different, almost childlike quality.

I’m an emissary of the Divine, I mentally replied. I sometimes spoke more formally in these conversations because I was working out of my spiritual identity as an incarnated seraph (the order of angels most closely surrounding the Divine).

“What are you doing here?”

I’m giving everyone some reiki–that’s life force energy from the Divine.  It’s one of my missions as a seraph.  Oh, and picking up trash is another, I told the unseen being with a little chuckle, as I bent down to grab a discarded candy wrapper.  So who are YOU?

“I’m a spirit in this house.”

I did a quick energy scan of the being and sensed that this was not a child’s ghost as it first had seemed, but a demonic entity.  No wonder the house had seemed unfriendly!  I felt no fear–being a seraph and having lots of protective beings around me meant I couldn’t be harmed.  But I needed to be alert for any attempts at deception or menace.

“You’re so beautiful.  I really like you.  Can I go with you and talk some more?”

NO. I’m leaving now, and you need to stay there.  My reply was firm.  I’d heard stories of entities playing on humans’ sympathy, getting their consent to go home with them, and then causing real trouble.  If I firmly denied permission to follow me and also cut any connecting energy cords after ending contact, the spirit would be unable to stay with me or know where I lived.

I walked away briskly and mentally cut the energy cords I perceived.  At home, I didn’t think much more about the incident until after supper, when I heard the same voice calling out to me frantically, sounding more distant.

“Help me!  HE’S going to hurt me!  HE’S mad because  I don’t want to be under HIM anymore–I want to be on your side!  PLEASE!”

I knew it was possible for some unholy beings to choose to change; I’d helped others change before, and it was a  joyful part of my spiritual work.  I was aware, though, that this could be a further attempt to deceive me.  So I contacted my spirit “lie detectors.” Is this one telling the truth or trying to trick me?  The reply was that I was getting the truth; this demon wanted to be transmuted and he WAS in danger.

I also knew who HE was–the Big Bad, the Enemy, aka Satan.  I was still not afraid because I’d faced Big Bad down before.  But I knew I had to act quickly to rescue and transmute the lesser demon without getting entangled in another confrontation.

I shot out a sphere of light to enclose and protect the demon and carry him to safety.  Inside the sphere were sacred symbols–a fiery violet triangle to transmute what was negative, and an angled black ray to consume anything negative that resisted transmutation.   And throughout the sphere echoed the tones of the Divine Name* to purify and reclaim the essence of the being that remained.  When the process was complete, the sphere opened and in place of the demon, an angel emerged!  It was a wondrous moment and there was great joy for us all–except HIM, of course….

So the house is now haunt-free.  I hope any Halloween visitors won’t be too disappointed at the change in atmosphere.   I’d like to think that if they knew what had happened, they’d be happy to have another angel around insteadI know I am!

*Knowledge of the Divine Name and how to tone it are found in The Divine Name by Jonathan Goldman, available on


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